5 Easy SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips for ANY Band!

music promotion tips on soundcloud

For bands, DJs, and artists of all genres, SoundCloud has become the top spot for music promotion. This is because not only is it full of musicians, but it is also full of music lovers, producers, agents, and the odd record company representative.

For five music promotion tips that you can use for your band, regardless of your genre, read on!

Music promo advice for your music on SoundCloud

It’s built for sharing – Use it!

Having a place to upload your songs online is nice. But what’s the point if you can’t share it with your fans, or if your fans can’t share it with their friends?!? There’s no worry about that as SoundCloud was built for one-click sharing to:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Email

Check it out:

music promotion advice sharing

You can use them as a free music promotion tool as you push your fans to use them. Ask for shares anywhere you can place the words “Please share with your friends if you dig this!”

For help in getting this kickstarted, it all starts with you. Share your SoundCloud tracks through your band’s own social media accounts. Like Drizzy does here:

You may not have the social presence of Drizzy Drake, but every retweet counts. Having a variety of content beyond plain text updates will also keep your accounts exciting. (NOTE: On Twitter that comes up as a track that can be played within Twitter itself. Embeds turn into links.)

Share your works in progress privately

Every band has new tracks they’re working on and want feedback for. Instead of playing it for your girlfriend for the hundredth time, why not share it privately with fans on SoundCloud? Upload the song privately, and send it to them in a personal message. Send it to your biggest fans so that they become even more RABID about your band!

Don’t forget that you can also use this to share songs ideas with your fellow bandmates, your producer (or one you want to work with), or record labels. Remember the old days when you had to play the song over the phone? Those days are over.

Free downloads that you control

SoundCloud gives you the option of allowing your fans to download tracks from your account for free. Except instead of the free for all that is torrents, you can control what they hear.

Think of this as being similar to how you release singles to the radio, YouTube, and TV. You may not get any of the residual money from free SoundCloud downloads, but you do get people listening to you and wanting to buy your albums, check out your live show, buy your merchandise, and love your band.

New accounts need SoundCloud followers to take off

What’s the first thing that you think when you see how popular this artist is?

music promotino soundcloud followers

Those 6.84 million SoundCloud followers have many people saying something like “HEY! I should listen to this guy! He is SO popular!” That happens to nearly anyone who sees an account with lots of followers. If your follower count is low, you’ll find yourself having a hard time getting new followers. So what’s an account to do when you want followers, but don’t have enough followers to get more… it sounds like the worst catch-22 in the world!

Don’t worry! You can try a SoundCloud followers service. These purchased followers will push up your numbers, and spur on real followers to give you a listen. This helps you get over the problem from above. You never know, maybe some day you can be as successful as Calvin Harris. You have to start somewhere and this could be it.

Engage with your fans at every opportunity

SoundCloud’s most interesting and unique feature is how it allows fans to comment right on the tracks:

music promotion tips

Each little picture is another comment from a fan. To take someone from liking your song, to loving your band, could take 5 seconds if you respond to comments on your tracks. Remember the first time a musician that you admired acknowledged you? It was BIG, right? Give your fans that moment and they’ll pay you back by staying your fan for years to come too.

Another way that you can look at engagement is as a networking opportunity. You can talk to other bands and maybe work your way from a quick ‘hello,’ to being their opening act! SoundCloud is social media with music, opening all sorts of doors for your career. Be sure to talk to other bands as a musician, not as someone doing music promotion. A few friendly words about something specific, or a question that they can answer, goes much, MUCH further than “Hey, you should check out my band, dude.”

No one likes that guy.



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