6 Ways You Can Get More YouTube Views Today!

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Everyone wants to get more YouTube views when they join the video platform and make their first video. Getting more YouTube views can help you reach marketing goals, spread a brand message, or get YouTube famous with an interesting vlog, comedy channel, or bizarre cooking show.

As we all know, getting more YouTube views doesn’t happen by magic. It takes knowing a few simple tricks that get people pushing the red button with the white arrow pointing right! Here are 6 tips that will see your views climbing in no time.


1: Partner with someone who already has more YouTube views

Looking for and finding users who are successful, and forging a partnership with them, can help bring more traffic to your YouTube channel. Not only will this lead to more views, but more subscriptions, comments, and shares.

The trick, of course, is how you’ll get them to want to work with you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Send them a pitch that plays to both of your strengths as video creators. Make sure that they know their style will be respected, and that they’ll be comfortable with the material you film together.
  • Creating a video on your channel which mentions them and urges your viewers to comment on their video. This can show them that they should work with you.
  • Sending them statistics they may be interested in – your subscriber growth, click throughs to your website, show your top fans from your Insights – to show them that you’re a businessperson.
  • MONEY. If you have a budget to spare, nothing talks like paying them for their time.
  • Visit YouTube’s collaboration page for more.

Even a short guest appearance can help increase your profile in the YouTube community, and a shoutout can go a long way to driving people to your channel. A channel that features collaboration on nearly every video is Epic Rap Battles of History. Check out one of my favorites with Ray William Johnson then of the channel =3:

2: Use Youtube Annotations

To keep people on your channel, and always have that next click ready for them, start using Youtube Annotations in your videos, as well as at the end. What are YouTube Annotations? They’re pop-up boxes that contain text and links.

The two main types of Annotations you’ll want to use to get more Youtube views are ones which prompt users to watch other videos, and to subscribe. Take a look at how Lonely Island use Annotations at both the very beginning and the very end of this video:

As the video starts they invite you to subscribe, as the video ends they invite you to watch more videos.

3: Create Playlists on YouTube

If you want to get more YouTube views with minimal effort, create YouTube Playlists for your fans. All they have to do is load the playlist, sit back, and watch all the videos. More and more YouTube users want a TV like experience where there’s minimal clicking, and more time watching content.

Be sure to group your Playlist in some sensible way. The most common ways are:

  • Theme – all of your posts about one topic – politics, current events, sports, etc – under a heading each.
  • Timeline – all of your posts for one week, or one month, grouped together so people can catch up with you.
  • Event – For special promotions, guest appearances, or anything else that’s different from the rest of your videos in some way.

A channel with great Playlists is Nacho Punch. Check out how they get more YouTube views by having well organized Playlists for their fans:

youtube views playlists


4: Get more YouTube views using a service

While the practice may be controversial, the theory behind why a YouTube views service works is sound:

  1. When people come to your channel, or find you via search, and they see that you have very few views they’re prone to ignore you.
  2. When people come to your channel, or find you via search, and they see that you have very many views they’re prone to watch you.

This can be especially important for brand new YouTube channels that are struggling to establish their viewership. This can help you in the long term as more people will start subscribing as you use the tactics above, giving you those real YouTube viewers you need to sustain your channel. Try this review website on buying YouTube views to find the best provider for your needs.

5: Work with social influencers

No matter what industry or genre you’re in, there are going to be people who have a greater pull on social media than you. Working with these people, and slowly gaining their trust, so that they share your videos is a key YouTube channel growth strategy.

How you can do this is by doing the same for them:

  • Research who in your industry actually shares other people’s content. Don’t waste your time with auto-schedulers.
  • Share their content and tag them. Use the Facebook tag, a Twitter @mention, an Instagram mention, or whatever notification there is on your chosen social network.
  • Once they start noticing that you are sharing their content, start tagging them in your own video shares. You could be one retweet, or share, away from a massive view increase.

Don’t come right out and start throwing your videos in their face right away, build a relationship first. The Mute button on Twitter is two clicks away and you don’t want to be on the wrong end of it.

6: Use YouTube Bulletins

YouTube Bulletins are an email newsletter that lets your subscribers know when you’ve published a new video. You can use them as either an instant notification of a new video upload, or send it only when you have something special going on.

You want to be careful with this. If you post videos daily you absolutely do not want to send updates every day. If you post videos weekly, that’s more manageable. You best bet is to only send a bulletin when you have something important to say to your subscribers. This could be a guest appearing, a video that longer or using special effects, for contests, or to announce changes.

Youtube also let you measure the impact of your Bulletins through your Analytics page if you include a link to the video. This can prove invaluable as it can help you:

  • Assess which videos your fans respond to in Bulletins
  • Figure out the best calls to action
  • See the best times and days to send your content out
  • Have trackable data to chart your success

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of email marketing, it is still a powerful tool. I click on a video sent to my email from YouTube once every week or two. Add up a few more views every week from all your subscribers and see how your views will rise!


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