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Make your Social Media Efforts More Productive with Data

The following is a guest post by Jason Walberg of Power to be Found, an Arizona-based digital marketing agency. 

Although a recent CMO survey conducted by Duke University revealed that marketers intend to almost double their spending on social media in the next five years, most of them still grapple with being able to attribute or measure the impact on their conversion rate. This is largely because social sharing is unpredictable and complicated. As such, a lot of social conversions are attributed to direct research.

Thus, there is need to establish the connection between downstream conversion and social sharing. Although this is challenging, it is possible through data analytics that will enable marketers to make smart decisions on what is working for social media

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Facebook for Business: The Most Effective Tools to Use

facebook for business feature

Using Facebook for business purposes is, let’s face it, an ever increasingly difficult job. Facebook organic reach is declining, via the Edgerank factor which is minimizing the ability of a business to show up in the Newsfeed of fans. Facebook ad competition is also increasing because of this. With these two factors working against you, the time to do your best facebook marketing is now.

In order to maximize your Facebook marketing you’ll need to plan well, use the best tools, and then plan some more. I can’t personally sit in on your marketing meetings and create your Facebook business plan. I can do the next best thing and give you the tools that will help your Facebook marketing – here are 4 tools that I recommend.

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