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What is Pinterest? How Can it be Used for Marketing?

what is pinterest ?

As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, and more people hear about it, I continue to hear people as ‘What is Pinterest’ on the more established social platforms. This isn’t unexpected as Pinterest is visually different from the social media platforms most people are used to.

Not only that, but more businesses are also wondering what Pinterest is, and how they can use it to market their own products. I’ll start by explaining the basics of Pinterest first, and then build up to using it for marketing. Feel free to follow any links given to learn even more, and make your account even better!

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Get Free YouTube Views with Proper Branding & SEO Tactics

get free youtube views

It doesn’t matter what your YouTube channel talks about. Everything from ‘Let’s Play’ gamers, to science geeks, to makeup tutorials needs to practice good SEO and branding to get free YouTube views all day long.

The keys to remember are:

  1. Good SEO helps you to be found.
  2. Good branding helps you to be remembered.

Those are the two most important things you can do on YouTube, and you need to do them with each video to continually grow your audience.

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How to Advertise on Facebook: 20 Examples

how to advertise on facebook feature

With your Facebook ad options expanding, and with so many ways to share, knowing how to advertise on Facebook is becoming more complicated all the time. Using it effectively, and spending your budget and time wisely, is essential as you can quickly get lost.

These 20 points will help you get your Facebook ads on track, help you spend your budget, and give you all of the best content ideas. Read on for real examples that you can truly learn from!

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10 Ways To Boost Your Tweets

boost your tweets

Twitter has emerged as one of the best ways to quickly spread your message. With hashtags and retweets doing a tremendous amount for growing your exposure, it’s no wonder you’re here right now looking for more ways to boost your tweets. Read on and let’s get you going viral, with a number of real examples embedded right in the post for you to learn from!

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