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Where To Purchase Retweets – The Art of Popularity

where to purchase retweets

When it comes to Twitter, getting one more retweet can be the difference between obscurity and a viral hit. This is due to the nature of Twitter, and all of social media. This is because that next retweet could lead to another retweet, which leads to another five retweets, which leads to …do you see where this is going?

Getting retweets is quite possibly the most important thing you can do on Twitter to grow your audience. Purchasing retweets is a way to push people who were on the fence about retweeting you to actually push the retweet button. You know that tweet you saw last week with no retweets that you almost retweeted? How would you have felt if that same tweet

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7 Instagram Tips for Better Photos & Better Marketing

instagram tips

Instagram is the world’s most photo-centric social media marketing platform. Sure, other social platforms use photos, but they have nothing on Instagram. It combines text, hashtags, photos, video, and followers into something truly unique.

Due to how unique it is, you need specialized Instagram tips that will better your marketing, get you more followers, and help your pictures pop. Follow these seven pieces of Instagram marketing advice and watch your account grow!

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LinkedIn Company Page Tips for B2B & B2C!

linkedin company page tips

Your LinkedIn company page is becoming more and more relevant every day. Not only are new people joining LinkedIn all the time, for B2C leads, but your B2B leads are increasing as well. As you know, more opportunities also leads to more competition as your competitors work harder on their LinkedIn page to get the same leads that you want.

At the end of the day, someone WILL get those leads. If you read on, and apply what you learn, that someone will be you and your company!

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Use Pinterest for Business Marketing (With Examples!)

pinterest for business feature

Using Pinterest for business promotion is a hot trend as of late due to how effective it is. It can help you grow a highly engaged fan base, promote products, and make connections from social media to website landing pages.

With the right tactics, you can use Pinterest like a sales funnel. Pinterest users will find your account, look at specific boards, find pins which interest them, and follow those pins to landing pages. Start reading now to get your business Pinterest skills on par with the best brands around!

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How to Make Vine Videos That Are Looped Repeatedly!

how to make vine

The main goal of Vine is creating six second videos that are looped over and over again. Watching the loop counter shoot up on a Vine of your own is some serious fun. This article is going to teach you how to make Vine videos that people love to loop over and over. I’ll look at content choice techniques, hashtag techniques, and social influencer techniques that will all drive your loops, and Revines, higher and higher!

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