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5 Easy SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips for ANY Band!

music promotion tips on soundcloud

For bands, DJs, and artists of all genres, SoundCloud has become the top spot for music promotion. This is because not only is it full of musicians, but it is also full of music lovers, producers, agents, and the odd record company representative.

For five music promotion tips that you can use for your band, regardless of your genre, read on!

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Get Help with your Twitter for Business Plan

twitter for business feature

Your brand may have already put together a Twitter business plan, but it’s not getting the results you expected. This can happen often when people start using Twitter for business rather than as a personal communication tool. Your plan can be corrected if you act now.

Many brands make the same mistakes with Twitter over and over again before giving up. They think that there’s something wrong with Twitter, rather than looking at their own tactics. Often, the mistakes being made cause people who are actually interested in knowing more about your business on Twitter to unfollow you. You can get followers, you can spread your brand message, but you can’t make the worst mistakes that so many brands make.

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Create a YouTube Account for Marketing, Fun, or Both!

Create a YouTube Account feature

If you want to create a YouTube account, for fun or for marketing purposes, there are a few best practices you can follow. Failing to do so can lead you to making errors, not getting all the YouTube views you deserve, and never being famous! Oh noes!

This article is going to teach you to create a YouTube Account from beginning to end. Tips will be given on how to not only create the account, but make it successful enough to become YouTube famous!

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How to Use LinkedIn, Win Your Job Search, AND Get a Job

how to use linked in feature

If you’ve never used it, but have used other social platforms, you’ll find it easy to learn how to Use LinkedIn. It’s similar to Facebook, but with a heavy dose of formality, work experience, and career building.

To learn how to use LinkedIn effectively, read through these four tips on your profile, engagement, and researching how to reach your goals. Your first step is to stop think of your LinkedIn account as a static, paper resume. Let’s get interactive and join the modern job search!

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Get More Instagram Followers with These 4 Content Ideas

getting instagram followers for your marketing

Getting more Instagram followers on your account comes down to how well you can tell an interesting story. The more interesting your story, and the people you get reading that story, the better off your Instagram marketing will be.

How you’ll accomplish this is by creating the type of content that Instagram users love to not only see, but like, comment on, and share. This article is going to look at four types of content that draws in new Instagram followers through content marketing techniques which work. It will also examine working with social media influencers. We might be looking at tactics outside of your ‘take a picture and post it with a hashtag’ comfort zone, and that will be a good thing!

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