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6 Ways You Can Get More YouTube Views Today!

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Everyone wants to get more YouTube views when they join the video platform and make their first video. Getting more YouTube views can help you reach marketing goals, spread a brand message, or get YouTube famous with an interesting vlog, comedy channel, or bizarre cooking show.

As we all know, getting more YouTube views doesn’t happen by magic. It takes knowing a few simple tricks that get people pushing the red button with the white arrow pointing right! Here are 6 tips that will see your views climbing in no time.


1: Partner with someone who already has more YouTube views

Looking for and finding users who are successful, and forging a partnership with them, can help bring more traffic to your YouTube channel. Not only will this lead to more views, but

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3 Points for B2B Marketing on Social Media Platforms

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There are 3 key B2B marketing points that you need to consider before you move too far ahead with your overall B2B marketing plan. Each one will help you further refine your goals, reach your customers, and build a sustainable campaign.

You can’t get by in a B2B social media marketing context simply by existing and waiting for people to come to you. It hasn’t worked in the real world, you’ve had an advertising budget since you started, and it won’t work on social media. When you’re building your plan to stay on the minds of your consumers, here are 3 points to build your strategy around.

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How to Get Retweets the Easy Way: 4 Ideas Anyone Can Follow

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Quickly spreading your brand message via Twitter all comes down to how easily you get retweets. This is a big aspect of Twitter as Twitter is social media. Social media is social, and sharing is a part of human social behavior – if your audience isn’t sharing, retweeting, you’re not being social enough.

How do you get retweets to keep on spreading your brand message further and further? That’s the real question. Something to consider is the 90 – 9 – 1 rule of online media. The numbers are to represent:

  • 90% of users in an online community are lurkers who just look at and read content
  • 9% of users will contribute occasionally
  • 1% of users actively contribute consistently

While the number vary from 90 – 9 – 1 to 70 – 20 –

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How to Promote your Music Online using SoundCloud

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The very moment that someone first figured out how to put a song online the music industry changed forever. Learning how to promote your music online has become almost as important as learning your first three chords, or how to decorate your mic stand with elaborate scarves.

To help save you time, and get you back to practicing those three chords or decorating that mic stand, here are some easy ways to promote your music that even the drummer can understand. You know, as long as someone gives it to him in chunks of 4…

How to promote your music online: Create something every day

I’m not talking about writing a brand new song every day on level with, say, an Arcade Fire song. This lesson in how to promote your music online

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Vine Marketing: 5 Tips to get you Started

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Vine marketing is for those moments when you know your audience has a short attention span. One so short that…hey, have you watched Daredevil on Netflix? It’s, like, SO good…what was I talking about? Right! Vine videos are limited to being six seconds long – perfect for when your audience has a short attention span!

Not only does it help you get your message across quickly, but the entire Vine marketing industry is really doing a lot to push the creative envelope. When you have 6 seconds to get a message across, you have to be creative!

Here are five Vine marketing tips to help you grasp what the platform is capable of.


Vine Marketing examples to kickstart your account


You’re not limited to 6 second, you get 6 seconds

Beautiful, impactful, and interesting art

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