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Vine Marketing: 5 Tips to get you Started

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Vine marketing is for those moments when you know your audience has a short attention span. One so short that…hey, have you watched Daredevil on Netflix? It’s, like, SO good…what was I talking about? Right! Vine videos are limited to being six seconds long – perfect for when your audience has a short attention span!

Not only does it help you get your message across quickly, but the entire Vine marketing industry is really doing a lot to push the creative envelope. When you have 6 seconds to get a message across, you have to be creative!

Here are five Vine marketing tips to help you grasp what the platform is capable of.


Vine Marketing examples to kickstart your account


You’re not limited to 6 second, you get 6 seconds

Beautiful, impactful, and interesting art

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4 Video Marketing Tips: Increase your Chances of Going Viral!

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If you’re sorting through a stack of video marketing tips, and trying to find the most relevant ones, allow me to offer a virtual katana (the long sword carried by the samurai) to slice through the confusion. You can boil all video marketing tips down into four basic concepts, and they are easy to understand.

I will present those four tips to you in this article, and make it even easier to understand with actual examples embedded in the article. You can learn and watch – it’s what education is suppose to be!


Video marketing tips for increased virality

It’s all about image presentation, not product placement

No one ever went on YouTube and thought to themselves ‘Man, I can’t wait to look at some products!’ They have all gone there to be

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Instagram Marketing Tips: Be Seen!

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Instagram is the social media marketing platform making some of the biggest waves in the industry right now. Getting the right Instagram marketing tips may be the difference between your online marketing goals being accomplished, and them not quite reaching their goal.

Instagram shares concepts from a number of other social platforms:

  • It uses hashtags like Twitter
  • It’s image heavy like Facebook
  • Events and real-time marketing thrives like on Twitter
  • Videos are being shared more all the time like Vine and YouTube

With this diverse array of tools at your disposal, it can get confusing as to what to do to move your account forward. Read on for Instagram marketing tips that will have your photos seen!

Instagram marketing tips for your online business

Interesting photos are your first priority


The importance of having great photos can not be

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Get More SoundCloud Followers & Blow your Music UP!

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Since it began in 2007, SoundCloud has grown from obscurity in Sweden to become one of the most important music promotion venues in the world. With this in mind, the quest to get more Soundcloud followers has been on the mind of many musicians.

Some have been struggling with this and spending more time worrying about their SoundCloud follower numbers than the music. To help you grow your SoundCloud account the easy way, so you can get back to the music, read this article for 5 ways to get more SoundCloud followers.

Cross promotion on other social media platforms using SoundCloud tools

SoundCloud wasn’t designed by fools. They know that in order for the platform to succeed it needs to easily link in with the rest of the web. They’re made it easy

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Facebook for Business: The Most Effective Tools to Use

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Using Facebook for business purposes is, let’s face it, an ever increasingly difficult job. Facebook organic reach is declining, via the Edgerank factor which is minimizing the ability of a business to show up in the Newsfeed of fans. Facebook ad competition is also increasing because of this. With these two factors working against you, the time to do your best facebook marketing is now.

In order to maximize your Facebook marketing you’ll need to plan well, use the best tools, and then plan some more. I can’t personally sit in on your marketing meetings and create your Facebook business plan. I can do the next best thing and give you the tools that will help your Facebook marketing – here are 4 tools that I recommend.

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