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Twitter Follower Advice Part 2: Weekly and Monthly Tasks

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Last week here on SMMGuide I looked at the long term Twitter tips that you will need to do on a monthly basis. Here in Part 2 I’m going to be looking at the Twitter follower advice that you’ll need to follow on a weekly and daily basis.

The key to any Twitter campaign is consistency. Once you finish reading parts 1 and 2 you should have a complete plan that will carry you toward any of your Twitter follower goals – as long as you do them regularly.

Twitter follower advice: Weekly tasks

Once a week is when you’re going to be doing the majority of your tweet scheduling. Having most of your content planned in advance, and getting it

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Twitter Follower Tips Part 1: Monthly Tactics to Grow your Following

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The Twitter followers tips I will look at can be divided up into short term and long term strategies. The short term activities will be those you carry out every day, and every week. These are the Twitter follower tips that you’ll grind on consistently. Your long term goals will be accomplished on a monthly basis, I’ll look at those today.

Having your tasks divided up this way will make sure that you don’t pend too much time on one tactic while neglecting one which deserves more attention. Read on to discover what they are, and get your Twitter follower numbers growing!


Twitter follower tips: Long term Part 1 of 2

You are going to carry all of these tasks out once a month. Be sure to schedule it in advance so it

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