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Case Study: How to Get YouTube Views Featuring Jimmy Kimmel Live!

how to get youtube views example jimmy kimmel

If you want to learn how to get YouTube views, why not go to one of the best in the business: Jimmy Kimmel Live! Not only is Jimmy cracking audiences up on those TV devices we used to worship in the 20th century, but he’s likely reaching even more people through YouTube!

Jimmy’s success can be attributed to some definite YouTube marketing tactics. You can learn from these tactics and use them to improve your own YouTube channel. Make no mistake, it helps to have your own late night talk show to be popular. That doesn’t mean you can’t get more views and subscribers by following his example!

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Using YouTube for Business: Lead Generation

youtube for business marketing

Online marketers long ago realized that there’s lots of potential for using YouTube for business purposes. They saw past the cat videos, and learned from the early success of Smosh, Charlie the Unicorn, and other viral videos. These early video marketers then began crafting YouTube business plans.

Over the years some things have become quite apparent when using YouTube for marketing. I’m going to look at a number of those points here. I’ll include some video embeds so you can watch and learn at the same time!

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PewDiePie Shows you How to Get Subscribers on YouTube: An Unconventional Guide

how to get youtube subscribers pewdiepie

When most video marketing websites create a guide on how to get subscribers on YouTube they use numbers and pie charts. If you find this tedious, in the spirit of having some fun reaching our goal of getting more YouTube subscribers, I’m going to show you how PewDiePie started on his way to 38 million subscribers.

If you want to know how to get subscribers on YouTube you go to the best, and try to understand their success! Enter Swedish online sensation, PewDiePie.

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