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Ways to Promote Music Online

promote music online

Do you want the world to hear about your music?


Even though the world is partly governed by social media, just setting up an account on a website and uploading your music there will not help you gain a huge following to listen to your music overnight. You have to be proactive and engage with those who follow you.


There are quite a few famous musicians who gained their popularity thanks to social media. You might want to invest on that, too. Promoting your music is essential to get your name out there and eventually reaping money off from it (if that is the goal), so if you want to be successful on the inter-web, you might want to follow some the tips below:

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Breaking into the Music Business Using SoundCloud

music business

Soundcloud has been proving itself as an effective way to break into the music business for years now. The power it has to connect bands to fans through direct communication on the platform itself, and promoting social sharing, is unheard of in the music industry.

SoundCloud has been working for bands of all genres of music, it’s not just house music and Skrillex anymore! Your band can build itself up too, but it will take the proper tactics and planning.

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Twitter Advertising Best Practices for Brands and Individuals

The term ‘Twitter advertising’ covers much more than people realize. There are a wide variety of options out there for you to promote your Twitter account, your tweets, and your trending hashtags or topics.

This article is going to break down all of the Twitter advertising options so that you can better plan your ad spending on Twitter. Examples will be included so that you can see what is being discussed, and better apply the lessons learned to your own goals.

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10 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics for B2B Marketing Success

linkedin marketing feature

LinkedIn has been people’s go to platform for job hunting, researching possible employees, and learning about companies from an insider’s perspective. What many people are also starting to key into is that LinkedIn marketing is also a great time to practice B2B marketing tactics.

As with all things, there’s a learning curve to figuring out the best ways to do this. If your goal is to get some B2B marketing done on LinkedIn reading this article will cut down your learning curve, and help you make sales.


Marketing on LinkedIn to increase B2B sales

LinkedIn marketing specializes in customer focusing ad opportunities

LinkedIn was built with advertising, and helping users find the right people, firmly in mind. You have the ability to find the right company accounts, and get in contact with the right

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Brand Strategy Techniques for KILLER Pinterest Marketing

brand strategy

There are many brands, new and old, formulating their brand strategy on Pinterest right now. Many will struggle as they seek to emulate what they’re doing on other platforms and just transfer it to Pinterest. This is not for the best Pinterest is its own unique thing. It isn’t like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Vine – and yet it does have some similarities to all.

This article will get you ready to nail down your brand strategy on Pinterest from start to finish. By the end of it you’ll have clearly establish goals, your target audience, where your content will come from, and how you’ll promote your Pinterest accounts. Let’s get to work on your brand’s strategy now!


Establish a Pinterest brand strategy that works today

What are your goals on Pinterest?

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