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If you want to get Vine loops, and you’re just starting out, you need to pattern yourself after someone who is already successful. One of the most successful Vine users, and my personal favorite, is Jerry Purpdrank. His road to success on Vine is one that anyone can follow …if you take the time to do some studying!

If you don’t believe that he’s one of the most successful Vine users, here’s a stat with a screenshot backup: He has over 3.8 BILLION loops:

get vine loops jerry purpdrank

Yes, you do want to get Vine loops using Jerry Purpdrank’s channel as a model for your success! To get the complete picture of his Vine videos, scroll your pointer over each Vine video to bring up text, tags, and hashtags he used on Vine.

Get more Vine loops with a niche

Setting a theme for your Vine is important. You can do comedy, politics, news, gaming, sports, and on and on. While those categories seem narrow, they aren’t. You need to find that one little niche where you fit in to really connect with new viewers.

With Jerry, he went with what he knew and filmed sneaker-themed comedy videos. Considering that my own collection of basketball sneakers surpasses my girlfriend’s collection of shoes, it’s no surprise that I first found Jerry through a sneaker collector group. The earliest one I remember is this:

When you create a niche video like this it is shared amongst these niche groups. This is exactly how I found Jerry, and it worked for him again again in many groups that are into this sort of thing.

I’m sure he found this niche by just doing what he does as it came across as genuine. What niche would work for you? What’s the one thing you know the most about? What are you closest to geographically? Are your passions shareable? These are questions you must ask and answer yourself.

Creating topical content

The easiest way for any unknown or new user to get Vine loops is to create topical content. Jerry does this by creating content for the holidays, like this very NSFW Christmas video:

It seems obvious, but you can’t pass up the opportunity to have people sharing you over the holidays. All that you have to do is be sure that the content still fits your channel. When someone finds one of your holiday posts, then goes to watch your other Vines, you’ll never get a follow if the two are vastly different.

Trending topics and hashtags

Vine is the type of platform where what’s happening right now is all that matters. It’s like Vine, except with more video and less text. Yes, typically even less than the 140 character limit of Twitter!

One of the biggest recent trends online in general, and on Vine in particular, was making clips for Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video. With videos for Drake trending, Jerry created this:

Funny, and perfectly in line with the rest of his content! When someone finds him for the first time they’ll see his always high Vine loops count. You’re all the more likely to watch him when you see this out of positive curiosity. When you’re dealing with trending topics, it may be an ideal moment to purchase a Vine loops package to maximize your video’s impact.

For trending hashtags, always take a look at the ‘Trending Tags’ list on the homepage. And, because Twitter is so important to Vine, watch for Twitter trending topics and hashtags. You can easily share Vine videos on Twitter and get Vine loops with each retweet.

Collaborate with everyone and tag them

Jerry’s a very well known Viner, so everyone wants to work with him. To keep his channel fresh, and to keep on getting more Vine loops and followers, he gladly works with them. Nearly any Vine of his videos is a collaboration with someone else, here’s a great one where he tags the other Viners so that they benefit:

Chris and Curtis got more Vine loops when people clicked their tags. Jerry got more great content so he got more loops. Everybody won!

Working with brands and branded hashtags

With Jerry’s level of success, he couldn’t help but gain the interest of brands. Working with a brand and creating content that promotes their product in some way is easy. Product placements have been around since, well, the first movies.

Jerry takes advantage of the nature of hashtags and connected media by using branded hashtag for the brands he works with.

The hashtag here, #Cordfails, connects with lots of other content from Arantza. Jerry can send people to watch that content, while also being found when people watching Vine’s he didn’t create look through the hashtag. And his sponsor? They get all the exposure they were looking for!

Cross-promotion of social media accounts

Jerry frequently promotes his Snapchat, and Instagram accounts. He knows that these are other ways for him to connect with his audience.

Not everyone is on Vine all day long, but the vast majority of his fans will check in on at least one social network during the day. The secret is to think of your social media channels as alternative ways for people to subscribe to you and your content. You’ll push your Vine videos through them, and as long as you get more loops who cares where exactly they saw the video?

Get Vine loops by following Jerry Purpdrank’s style

No one ever became a success without the inspiration of others in their genre. You can learn from Jerry Purpdrank that you need to:

  1. Find a niche that you fit in.
  2. Create topical content.
  3. Take advantage of trending hashtags and topics.
  4. Collaborate with other Vine users.
  5. Work with brands and use their branded hashtags.
  6. Cross-promote your other social channels.

Apply these tips constantly and your Vine loop counter will be shooting up in no time!


Feature image via GongTo / Shutterstock

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