Case Study: How to Get YouTube Views Featuring Jimmy Kimmel Live!

how to get youtube views example jimmy kimmel

If you want to learn how to get YouTube views, why not go to one of the best in the business: Jimmy Kimmel Live! Not only is Jimmy cracking audiences up on those TV devices we used to worship in the 20th century, but he’s likely reaching even more people through YouTube!

Jimmy’s success can be attributed to some definite YouTube marketing tactics. You can learn from these tactics and use them to improve your own YouTube channel. Make no mistake, it helps to have your own late night talk show to be popular. That doesn’t mean you can’t get more views and subscribers by following his example!

Jimmy Kimmel Live shows you how to get YouTube views!

Consistent branding goes a long way

You’d think that someone like Jimmy Kimmel wouldn’t need great branding since everyone knows him. That’s not the case. Everyone knows him because he has great branding. He continues this trend on YouTube with a header image that’s consistent with his show’s imagery:

youtube header image example jimmy kimmel

What you should also notice here is that the image is more than an image. It features a key piece of information that drives the entire point of his YouTube channel: The time his show is on TV so that you can watch it live. Your header image needs to do this too, except it can be any one piece of vital information. This is typically your upload day for new videos.

For his other important branding lesson, take a look at these screenshots of his thumbnail images:

youtube thumbnail example branding

Every single one features the same logo in the bottom left hand corner:

  • Every time someone shares it on any social media site their friends and followers see the logo.
  • Every time someone embeds a video on their blog the visitors to that page see the logo.
  • Every time someone takes that video and puts in anywhere on the Internet that logo is seen.

It looks good, and it hammers home the brand logo. You need to do this with your own thumbnails if you ever want anyone to remember you.

He goes for the viral YouTube video on purpose

Remember this whole viral sensation, from the initial video to this big reveal video?

Ok, but how did he do it? For one, he hit on a very hot topic at the moment: Twerking. Every news outlet on earth at the time had a twerking story, mostly because it was the fad dance at the time, mostly because of Miley Cyrus…

But the important thing is he hit on a trend that was already huge and borrowed some of its media notoriety. Would the video have been as popular if the girl was dancing the Stanky Legg? No, that dance move was over years before. This video was perfectly on trend at the perfect time.

Your viral video marketing needs to react to trends as well. The reason for this is that you’re looking to borrow from the trend’s existing online push.

The other thing you need to consider is your initial seed audience, and their reaction to the video. The first few people who see your video are the most important. They’re going to be the ones that share your video. You need them sharing it as the first time they watch your potentially viral video may be the only time they watch it. Using a YouTube views service to push your numbers higher, and convincing the first viewers that this video is going to be HUGE, gives them that extra motivation to share: Who doesn’t like being the first of their friends to find something cool online?

His organization with YouTube Playlists is perfect

You may think that all you have to do is upload great videos and walk away as the views happen by magic, but that doesn’t work. You need to organize your videos carefully. Jimmy does it by creating his own Playlists. His channel doesn’t haphazardly create Playlists either. It’s almost as if the show is shot with the Playlists in mind as everything seems to have a home. This includes his most famous recurring skit: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. Here’s the whole Playlist:

Where was I? I just watched two of them and my train of thought is gone…

…Sorry, I’m making a point here too! These Playlists are perfect for getting people to watch more than one video, even dedicated social marketers can be distracted from their task!

This is why organization on YouTube is so important. YouTube viewers don’t want to sort through your channel endlessly to find things they’re interested in. They want a Playlist of your content all together so they can sit back and stop clicking for a few minutes. Playlist ideas include:

  • Organizing by date
  • Grouping by topic
  • Creating a regular series
  • Having a ‘Best of’ your channel Playlist

Anything which will make sense to your and your audience is fair game for creating a YouTube Playlist.

Killer YouTube video outros

Jimmy has my favorite Youtube outros right now. If you want to learn how to get YouTube views, you need to learn how to create a proper outro. Here’s a screenshot of his current one:

how to get youtube views video outro

The image of Jimmy in the upper right hand corner is a video of him urging people to subscribe: “Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can watch all of our videos before they die, and go to YouTube heaven.” The Subscribe button below sends you to subscribe. Both the Favorites button and the Annotation button below it send you to watch the most recent ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.’

This is a perfect example of an outro helping you get more YouTube views as it gives your viewers a call to action to subscribe, and it gives them their next click. Always, always have the next click ready for your viewers!

Jimmy showed us how to get YouTube views!

Here’s a summary of what we learned about getting YouTube views from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! YouTube channel:

  • You need consistent branding from your header image to your thumbnails.
  • Latch onto trends to make a viral video marketing push, and help your video go viral with bought YouTube views.
  • Perfectly organize all of your videos into Playlists for easy back-to-back viewing.
  • Have a killer video outro with a call to action to subscribe, and another video of yours linked to for that next click.

Jimmy is one of the best in the late night business, and his YouTube channel’s views reflect this. You may never be as successful as Jimmy, but you can certainly learn from his success and use it to build your own channel.

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