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How to Instagram like Mike: @Jumpman23’s Exceptional Instagram Marketing

how to instagram like mike

It’s no secret that Nike’s Air Jordan basketball sneakers have been the hottest shoes on the streets for decades. I may even have a dozen or so pairs of my own. While street buzz is good for Jordan Brand, it’s on the @Jumpman23 Instagram account where some really interesting marketing is taking place.

Let’s look at what the @Jumpman23 account does so well so that we can learn how to Instagram like Mike, and apply what we learn to our own Instagram marketing! Plenty of examples will be scattered throughout, so get ready for a breath of fresh Air!

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Case Study: How to Get YouTube Views Featuring Jimmy Kimmel Live!

how to get youtube views example jimmy kimmel

If you want to learn how to get YouTube views, why not go to one of the best in the business: Jimmy Kimmel Live! Not only is Jimmy cracking audiences up on those TV devices we used to worship in the 20th century, but he’s likely reaching even more people through YouTube!

Jimmy’s success can be attributed to some definite YouTube marketing tactics. You can learn from these tactics and use them to improve your own YouTube channel. Make no mistake, it helps to have your own late night talk show to be popular. That doesn’t mean you can’t get more views and subscribers by following his example!

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Get Free YouTube Views with Proper Branding & SEO Tactics

get free youtube views

It doesn’t matter what your YouTube channel talks about. Everything from ‘Let’s Play’ gamers, to science geeks, to makeup tutorials needs to practice good SEO and branding to get free YouTube views all day long.

The keys to remember are:

  1. Good SEO helps you to be found.
  2. Good branding helps you to be remembered.

Those are the two most important things you can do on YouTube, and you need to do them with each video to continually grow your audience.

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LinkedIn Company Page Tips for B2B & B2C!

linkedin company page tips

Your LinkedIn company page is becoming more and more relevant every day. Not only are new people joining LinkedIn all the time, for B2C leads, but your B2B leads are increasing as well. As you know, more opportunities also leads to more competition as your competitors work harder on their LinkedIn page to get the same leads that you want.

At the end of the day, someone WILL get those leads. If you read on, and apply what you learn, that someone will be you and your company!

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Using YouTube for Business: Lead Generation

youtube for business marketing

Online marketers long ago realized that there’s lots of potential for using YouTube for business purposes. They saw past the cat videos, and learned from the early success of Smosh, Charlie the Unicorn, and other viral videos. These early video marketers then began crafting YouTube business plans.

Over the years some things have become quite apparent when using YouTube for marketing. I’m going to look at a number of those points here. I’ll include some video embeds so you can watch and learn at the same time!

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