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10 Easy Viral Marketing Examples for your Online Marketing!

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Online marketing is all about sharing. More sharing equals a wider reach for a message. Every online marketer dreams of having that perfect viral marketing campaign that reaches an incredibly wide audience, far beyond the brand’s own reach, and connects with people across the world

The viral marketing examples below may not all be 100% viral sensations for every brand every time, but they are the surest bet towards getting more shares. Creating content that is highly shareable is the first step in any viral marketing campaign. Read on to start building your plan for the best viral marketing examples for tweets, blogs, Facebook updates, YouTube videos, and all other digital content!

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Market to the Event: Cultural Moment Marketing Guide

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Marketing to an event is a concept where you take your marketing and attach it to the rocketship of popularity associated with a major happening in pop culture. Your brand will be trying to find appropriate events, like the Super Bowl, UEFA Championship, or Oscar Awards, that you can put your brand’s stamp on.

The thinking for years when it came to marketing was all about having a target market. That thinking is being replaced online by having a target moment. There have been many examples in the real world of brands creating commercials specific to moments in culture, the Super Bowl commercials are the most famous example. The nature of the online world is opening these types of events up to brands who don’t have the

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How to Use Instagram for Marketing: From Content to Hashtags

How to Use Instagram for Marketing

If you’re still wondering how to use Instagram for marketing, you’re already behind the 8 ball. Instagram marketing has been around for years now. We’re going to play catch up in this article so that you’re ready to use this exciting social media marketing platform to catapult your business into Internet marketing overdrive!

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Instagram Marketing Tips: Be Seen!

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Instagram is the social media marketing platform making some of the biggest waves in the industry right now. Getting the right Instagram marketing tips may be the difference between your online marketing goals being accomplished, and them not quite reaching their goal.

Instagram shares concepts from a number of other social platforms:

  • It uses hashtags like Twitter
  • It’s image heavy like Facebook
  • Events and real-time marketing thrives like on Twitter
  • Videos are being shared more all the time like Vine and YouTube

With this diverse array of tools at your disposal, it can get confusing as to what to do to move your account forward. Read on for Instagram marketing tips that will have your photos seen!

Instagram marketing tips for your online business

Interesting photos are your first priority


The importance of having great photos can not be

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Using Iconosquare to Raise Your Game on Instagram

As mentioned in a previous post, Instagram doesn’t give us a lot of bells and whistles to work with when it comes to promoting ourselves or our brand. Fortunately, there are a few third-party apps that make the job a little easier. King among these is Iconosquare.

What can using Iconosquare do for you? Let’s make a quick review of some of its best features.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.18.25 PM1. Like and comment from your desktop. Yes, you can also do this with Instagram’s own web interface, but Iconsquare’s is better. You can delete or reply to individual comments, and the other user’s handle is automatically populated. It also gives

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