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How to Use Twitter Like @KatyPerry: Real(ly fun!) Marketing Advice

how to use twitter

If you’re new to the Twitter world, and want to learn how to use Twitter, there’s no one better than @KatyPerry. She has the most Twitter followers …ever. 81,100,00, or 81 million! And it’s not just because she’s a sensational pop singer. It’s not just because of her looks. It’s because she uses Twitter very well, and you can learn to use it just like her!

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What is Pinterest? How Can it be Used for Marketing?

what is pinterest ?

As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, and more people hear about it, I continue to hear people as ‘What is Pinterest’ on the more established social platforms. This isn’t unexpected as Pinterest is visually different from the social media platforms most people are used to.

Not only that, but more businesses are also wondering what Pinterest is, and how they can use it to market their own products. I’ll start by explaining the basics of Pinterest first, and then build up to using it for marketing. Feel free to follow any links given to learn even more, and make your account even better!

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How to Advertise on Facebook: 20 Examples

how to advertise on facebook feature

With your Facebook ad options expanding, and with so many ways to share, knowing how to advertise on Facebook is becoming more complicated all the time. Using it effectively, and spending your budget and time wisely, is essential as you can quickly get lost.

These 20 points will help you get your Facebook ads on track, help you spend your budget, and give you all of the best content ideas. Read on for real examples that you can truly learn from!

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Breaking into the Music Business Using SoundCloud

music business

Soundcloud has been proving itself as an effective way to break into the music business for years now. The power it has to connect bands to fans through direct communication on the platform itself, and promoting social sharing, is unheard of in the music industry.

SoundCloud has been working for bands of all genres of music, it’s not just house music and Skrillex anymore! Your band can build itself up too, but it will take the proper tactics and planning.

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