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Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Fake Twitter Followers Works


Are Many of Trump’s Social Media Followers Fake? – YES, Only 22% Are REAL & Active!

Thanks to the wonderful people at StatusPeople, we know exactly how many real Twitter followers Trump and many other celebrities and brands have! StatusPeople is a social media analytics company, and they specialize in studying behavior of social media profiles. While their methods and tactics surely aren’t 100% accurate, they are pretty spot on.

Let’s take a look at Donald Trump’s Twitter Following, we have 13% Fake, 65% Inactive, and 22% Good. Now, let’s compare that to Akshay Kumar, a movie star with 0% Fake, 5% Inactive, and 95% Good!

If we add the Fake

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Buy Retweets for SEO


In a world where the attention span of people is growing shorter and shorter, a popular microblogging platform flourishes. Twitter is one social media site that helps convey its users’ ‘tweets’ or posts in as short as 140 characters. It may contain photos, videos or links.

Used actively by about 313 million users, it helped third party websites gain one billion unique visits monthly last June 2016. Now, it is never a question as to whether Twitter should be an integral part of online marketing campaign. Many users and influencers have built their own Twitter brands and have gained much from it since then.

boost your tweets free


Twitter is

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How To Optimize Your YouTube Video

All right, guys. Here’s the deal. Optimizing your YouTube videos is super important to get your videos found on YouTube and Google search results. While it’s pretty easy to do, it’s usually overlooked by most YouTubers. This is actually a GREAT THING because that means you’ll be able to outrank your competitors easily (most of the time). So, here’s how to do it…


Pre-Optimization: Finding the right keywords.

OK, before we get started, let’s make sure that you’re working with the right keywords. This will make SEO more effective later on.

Ideally, you want to find keywords that rank on both YouTube and Google. Even though Google owns YouTube, the two search engines do not use the same criteria. YouTube focuses on viewer experience, while Google still relies heavily on backlinks.

Considering including words such

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