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5 Easy SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips for ANY Band!

music promotion tips on soundcloud

For bands, DJs, and artists of all genres, SoundCloud has become the top spot for music promotion. This is because not only is it full of musicians, but it is also full of music lovers, producers, agents, and the odd record company representative.

For five music promotion tips that you can use for your band, regardless of your genre, read on!

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Music Marketing Mistakes you Can’t Make on SoundCloud

online music marketing

Getting your music out there to the people is hard enough with making common online music marketing mistakes. While SoundCloud is a great platform to be found on by fans and labels alike, you will only get so far as your online skills will take you. Sorry, it isn’t all about passing mix tapes in concert lineups anymore.

This article is going to help your music marketing on SoundCloud by showing you six things you can’t do, with some helpful alternatives for what actually works.


music marketing helpSoundCloud music marketing mistakes you don’t want to make

1: Cut and paste replies to fans

Your fans don’t make cut and paste comments of undying love, why would you

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How to Promote your Music Online using SoundCloud

how to promote your music

The very moment that someone first figured out how to put a song online the music industry changed forever. Learning how to promote your music online has become almost as important as learning your first three chords, or how to decorate your mic stand with elaborate scarves.

To help save you time, and get you back to practicing those three chords or decorating that mic stand, here are some easy ways to promote your music that even the drummer can understand. You know, as long as someone gives it to him in chunks of 4…

How to promote your music online: Create something every day

I’m not talking about writing a brand new song every day on level with, say, an Arcade Fire song. This lesson in how to promote your music online

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Get More SoundCloud Followers & Blow your Music UP!

Get More SoundCloud Followers feature

Since it began in 2007, SoundCloud has grown from obscurity in Sweden to become one of the most important music promotion venues in the world. With this in mind, the quest to get more Soundcloud followers has been on the mind of many musicians.

Some have been struggling with this and spending more time worrying about their SoundCloud follower numbers than the music. To help you grow your SoundCloud account the easy way, so you can get back to the music, read this article for 5 ways to get more SoundCloud followers.

Cross promotion on other social media platforms using SoundCloud tools

SoundCloud wasn’t designed by fools. They know that in order for the platform to succeed it needs to easily link in with the rest of the web. They’re made it easy

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Cross-Promoting SoundCloud on Other Platforms

One of the best features of SoundCloud is that it blends seamlessly with other popular social media platforms. For someone trying to promote his or her music, this is an important tool. It saves time and spreads your sound to places that it might not have otherwise reached. Let’s have a look at how to get organize with your SoundCloud account so that your music can find a whole new audience outside of the native platform.

To start, go to your connection settings to authorize the apps that you want to connect. (


SoundCloud gives you three different ways to share on Facebook. You have the option of connecting directly to your personal Facebook profile, and SoundCloud will post to your profile page automatically. This is a fine option for most

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