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Get More Vine Followers for your Video Marketing Efforts

get more vine followers

Video marketing in 2016, and beyond, is going to include much more than just YouTube. Getting more Vine followers is going to be the goal of not only Vine users, but YouTubers as well. This is because Vine can be used as a video marketing tool with instant Twitter marketing benefits, and YouTubers are starting to take notice.

Take the time to learn about Vine marketing and start using it as a way to prop up your YouTube marketing with a Twitter connection, or use it as its own unique video platform. Either way, you need to get more Vine followers and I’m going to help you.

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4 Great Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns


Valentine’s Day isn’t just a special holiday for couples. It’s also a marketing event. When companies do this correctly, they engage their customer base and make sales. Simply look at some of the successful campaigns from recent years and you will see why Valentine’s marketing campaigns are powerful, even if you aren’t in the jewelry or flower industries. No matter what you promote, you can tie it into Valentine’s Day and make a huge splash during the romantic holiday.

Bed Bath & Beyond Gets Creative

Bed Bath & Beyond isn’t normally known for bringing the romance. While it has an assortment of housewares, it isn’t full of candies and flowers. That doesn’t mean the retailer can’t cash in on the

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How to Use Twitter Like @KatyPerry: Real(ly fun!) Marketing Advice

how to use twitter

If you’re new to the Twitter world, and want to learn how to use Twitter, there’s no one better than @KatyPerry. She has the most Twitter followers …ever. 81,100,00, or 81 million! And it’s not just because she’s a sensational pop singer. It’s not just because of her looks. It’s because she uses Twitter very well, and you can learn to use it just like her!

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10 Ways To Boost Your Tweets

boost your tweets

Twitter has emerged as one of the best ways to quickly spread your message. With hashtags and retweets doing a tremendous amount for growing your exposure, it’s no wonder you’re here right now looking for more ways to boost your tweets. Read on and let’s get you going viral, with a number of real examples embedded right in the post for you to learn from!

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Where To Purchase Retweets – The Art of Popularity

where to purchase retweets

When it comes to Twitter, getting one more retweet can be the difference between obscurity and a viral hit. This is due to the nature of Twitter, and all of social media. This is because that next retweet could lead to another retweet, which leads to another five retweets, which leads to …do you see where this is going?

Getting retweets is quite possibly the most important thing you can do on Twitter to grow your audience. Purchasing retweets is a way to push people who were on the fence about retweeting you to actually push the retweet button. You know that tweet you saw last week with no retweets that you almost retweeted? How would you have felt if that same tweet

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