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Get Help with your Twitter for Business Plan

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Your brand may have already put together a Twitter business plan, but it’s not getting the results you expected. This can happen often when people start using Twitter for business rather than as a personal communication tool. Your plan can be corrected if you act now.

Many brands make the same mistakes with Twitter over and over again before giving up. They think that there’s something wrong with Twitter, rather than looking at their own tactics. Often, the mistakes being made cause people who are actually interested in knowing more about your business on Twitter to unfollow you. You can get followers, you can spread your brand message, but you can’t make the worst mistakes that so many brands make.

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10 Easy Viral Marketing Examples for your Online Marketing!

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Online marketing is all about sharing. More sharing equals a wider reach for a message. Every online marketer dreams of having that perfect viral marketing campaign that reaches an incredibly wide audience, far beyond the brand’s own reach, and connects with people across the world

The viral marketing examples below may not all be 100% viral sensations for every brand every time, but they are the surest bet towards getting more shares. Creating content that is highly shareable is the first step in any viral marketing campaign. Read on to start building your plan for the best viral marketing examples for tweets, blogs, Facebook updates, YouTube videos, and all other digital content!

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Twitter Advertising Best Practices for Brands and Individuals

twitter advertising best practices

The term ‘Twitter advertising’ covers much more than people realize. There are a wide variety of options out there for you to promote your Twitter account, your tweets, and your trending hashtags or topics.

This article is going to break down all of the Twitter advertising options so that you can better plan your ad spending on Twitter. Examples will be included so that you can see what is being discussed, and better apply the lessons learned to your own goals.

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Market to the Event: Cultural Moment Marketing Guide

cultural moment marketing

Marketing to an event is a concept where you take your marketing and attach it to the rocketship of popularity associated with a major happening in pop culture. Your brand will be trying to find appropriate events, like the Super Bowl, UEFA Championship, or Oscar Awards, that you can put your brand’s stamp on.

The thinking for years when it came to marketing was all about having a target market. That thinking is being replaced online by having a target moment. There have been many examples in the real world of brands creating commercials specific to moments in culture, the Super Bowl commercials are the most famous example. The nature of the online world is opening these types of events up to brands who don’t have the

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Snapchat Social Media Strategy Ideas from the Biggest Brands

snapchat social media strategy ideas

With incredible statistics like the fact it has 100 million daily users, and over 400 million pieces of content sent per day, it’s a wonder why more marketers aren’t building a social media strategy for Snapchat. Those are the kind of numbers you’d expect for big names like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but they’re very much an average day in the life of Snapchat.

Developing a social media strategy for Snapchat requires you to consider the target demographic, 71% of users in the USA are 18 – 34 years old, with a touch of knowing how to do real time marketing added. This article will show you 5 different Snapchat social media strategy ideas you can consider, and show you a few of my favorite examples.

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