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Video Marketing Plan Template for YouTube, Vimeo; Even Vine!

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If you want to seriously grow your video marketing channel you will need a well thought out plan. This article can serve as your own video marketing plan template. Simply work down, top to bottom, and fill in the information for your brand or person video channel.

When you complete this plan you’ll have a guide showing you:

  • Who your viewers will be
  • How you’ll reach them
  • How you’ll get them to make purchases
  • What you’ll do to keep them around

Skipping any part of this ten step video marketing plan template can seriously impact your ability to get the YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine views that you want. Let’s get to work on your video marketing so that you can soon be famous online!

Step 1: Overview and summary of video marketing plan

Yep, step 1 is likely going

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