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Market to the Event: Cultural Moment Marketing Guide

cultural moment marketing

Marketing to an event is a concept where you take your marketing and attach it to the rocketship of popularity associated with a major happening in pop culture. Your brand will be trying to find appropriate events, like the Super Bowl, UEFA Championship, or Oscar Awards, that you can put your brand’s stamp on.

The thinking for years when it came to marketing was all about having a target market. That thinking is being replaced online by having a target moment. There have been many examples in the real world of brands creating commercials specific to moments in culture, the Super Bowl commercials are the most famous example. The nature of the online world is opening these types of events up to brands who don’t have the

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How to Become Famous on YouTube – With Examples!

how to become famous

If there’s one thing that mid-90s alt-rock taught me it’s this: everybody wants to be naked and famous (comment below if you know the band!). In today’s world, many people want to know how to become famous on YouTube because it seems much simpler than the route from your couch to Hollywood – you can get famous right from your couch.

You will have to put a little bit of effort in to be truly famous on YouTube, but this article will give you some waypoints to make your trip from obscurity to fame a bit easier. Read this article on how to become famous on YouTube, and send me an email when you’re a superstar!


Real YouTube stars show you how to become famous!

Build your image

Your channel will need an overall

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Video Marketing Plan Template for YouTube, Vimeo; Even Vine!

video marketing plan template feature

If you want to seriously grow your video marketing channel you will need a well thought out plan. This article can serve as your own video marketing plan template. Simply work down, top to bottom, and fill in the information for your brand or person video channel.

When you complete this plan you’ll have a guide showing you:

  • Who your viewers will be
  • How you’ll reach them
  • How you’ll get them to make purchases
  • What you’ll do to keep them around

Skipping any part of this ten step video marketing plan template can seriously impact your ability to get the YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine views that you want. Let’s get to work on your video marketing so that you can soon be famous online!

Step 1: Overview and summary of video marketing plan

Yep, step 1 is likely going

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6 Ways You Can Get More YouTube Views Today!

youtube views feature

Everyone wants to get more YouTube views when they join the video platform and make their first video. Getting more YouTube views can help you reach marketing goals, spread a brand message, or get YouTube famous with an interesting vlog, comedy channel, or bizarre cooking show.

As we all know, getting more YouTube views doesn’t happen by magic. It takes knowing a few simple tricks that get people pushing the red button with the white arrow pointing right! Here are 6 tips that will see your views climbing in no time.


1: Partner with someone who already has more YouTube views

Looking for and finding users who are successful, and forging a partnership with them, can help bring more traffic to your YouTube channel. Not only will this lead to more views, but

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4 Video Marketing Tips: Increase your Chances of Going Viral!

video marketing tips feature

If you’re sorting through a stack of video marketing tips, and trying to find the most relevant ones, allow me to offer a virtual katana (the long sword carried by the samurai) to slice through the confusion. You can boil all video marketing tips down into four basic concepts, and they are easy to understand.

I will present those four tips to you in this article, and make it even easier to understand with actual examples embedded in the article. You can learn and watch – it’s what education is suppose to be!


Video marketing tips for increased virality

It’s all about image presentation, not product placement

No one ever went on YouTube and thought to themselves ‘Man, I can’t wait to look at some products!’ They have all gone there to be

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