Cheap Ways You Can Use Influencer Marketing

Cheap Ways Influencer Marketing

For brands looking to establish themselves online, being in the know with the latest marketing strategies is important to stand out among your many competitors. Understanding how it can work for your brand and how to successfully make the most of its elements to make it work for you is essential.

So what is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing involves using important key leaders to promote your brand to your target market. These influencers help foster relationships with your audience and spread your brand message through their blogs and networks. It is a powerful and way to help people discover your brand and get you the exposure you need to get better conversion, while having one of the highest ROI’s in the industry.

Many social media influencers make use of their own channels to spread your brand’s message. They key is in finding the right influencers whose social circles revolve around your target audience or a market that you would like to explore for the first time. Most social media influencers are celebrities but nowadays almost anyone with a huge following in social media platforms can be an influencer. Youtube creators are known to be top social media influencers because of the extent of their reach and followers. So how can you make the most of influencer marketing?


Here are Cheap Ways to Integrate it in Your Social Media Strategy:


Send Freebies to influencers and have them feature your product.

Giving samples of your products to influencers is the easiest way to have them use your product and have them feature it in their social media channels. It could be as easy as having them post an image of them using or wearing your product or brand logo. Having influencers use your product is the best way to build brand confidence especially among your influencer’s networks and social circles. What’s great about this method is that influencers don’t even have to verbally post praise for your products. They can just as easily post a picture of your product used in an attractive setting. Bloggers often use this method when posting sponsored products in their feeds which promotes the brand’s visibility and incites interest which can lead to conversion. It is important to identify the right influencers who are willing to do sponsored posts and then personally reach out to them so you can send them free stuff and samples of your products.


Offer giveaways and host contests.

There is no better way to improve your user engagement than by offering giveaways and coming up with product contests through you social media influencers. When an influencer promotes your contest or announces giveaways from your brand, they encourage both your audience and theirs to participate which doubles your engagement rate. One trick to follow is to come up with contest rules and mechanics that includes having your audience follow, like or post an image of your brand for them to qualify which increases your visibility online through their social network as well. Even better, asking them to tag their friends to win the contest helps promote your brand to their own networks.

Influencer Marketing

Feature your Influencers in your social media accounts.

To make the most of your social media influencers, regularly feature them in your posts and wow your network. Post a photo of them using your product or using a service that you offer. This goes a long way in helping your target audience make the decision to purchase based on influencers who personally use your products too. Having a popular influencer recommend your product and services to your network and their own audience improves their awareness of your brand and leads to higher conversion. Many influencers already have a huge following and when your audience sees a reputable personality using your product, it attests to the validity of your product claims which boosts your worth in the market as well.  Fashion and Foodie bloggers are the perfect people to feature in your posts as they are a trust and reliable source of information for people who always look to them for what’s hot, what’s in and what new products they need to give  a try.


Offer Discount Codes.

Everyone loves a good discount and with influencers posting product discount codes on their feeds, many followers are all to ready to grab the chance to snag a good deal with products that have already been tried and tested by these personalities. Make discount codes different and unique to each influencer so they can make the most of their social media channels to promote your brand. This is also a great opportunity to identify and test how well your social media influencer is doing in bringing in more traffic for your products and services. Every unique discount code can be used as a reference in tracking conversion rate in every social media platform they may be using to promote you brand to. Conversion is and always will be the main goal in using influencer marketing so having the means to identify who gives you the most significant results can also help you improve your marketing efforts in the long run.


There are so many ways to make the most of influencer marketing to promote your brand and they don’t always have to involve high investments. Coming up with creative methods to have influencers share and promote your products can be easy when you use the right strategy. With unlimited access to social media, brands and businesses need to ensure they employ the right influencers who already have a powerful social media presence. This ensures they are able to spread your brand message not only to your audience but their own personal channels as well. Exploring new ways to have them create their own promotions for you and post content on their own that features your products always lead to great responses. No matter what your strategies may be, understanding what your goal is in promoting brand awareness is important so as to  find the right influencers who can align with your own vision for how you want your brand to be seen.

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