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One of the best features of SoundCloud is that it blends seamlessly with other popular social media platforms. For someone trying to promote his or her music, this is an important tool. It saves time and spreads your sound to places that it might not have otherwise reached. Let’s have a look at how to get organize with your SoundCloud account so that your music can find a whole new audience outside of the native platform.

To start, go to your connection settings to authorize the apps that you want to connect. (


SoundCloud gives you three different ways to share on Facebook. You have the option of connecting directly to your personal Facebook profile, and SoundCloud will post to your profile page automatically. This is a fine option for most non-musicians for sharing their favorite tracks with friends.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 1.59.16 PMFor musicians or music promoters, however, you’ll want a little more control than that. You’ll want to time your posts to optimize exposure, and add some relevant comments before sharing to Facebook. Not only that, but you’d probably want to share your uploads with your fans on your Facebook Page, and not only your personal profile.

To do this, you must copy the track’s URL and paste it onto the Facebook page’s wall. This will create a player on that page’s stream. Add your comments to accompany it, and get the conversation started.

If you want to take promoting your music on Facebook a step further, use BandPage, a third party app that gives you even more control of your SoundCloud presence.


SoundCloud works especially well with Twitter, and the interface is easy to use directly from any SoundCloud page. When you share a track, set, or favorite on Twitter, the post shows up as a large image with the player automatically embedded.

This makes it extremely easy for your Twitter followers to retweet your SoundCloud tracks, driving some of that traffic back to your SoundCloud profile where they connect with you on SoundCloud, too.


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.04.18 PMTumblr’s micro-blogging platform is also well suited to host and share SoundCloud content. The player embeds nicely into Tumblr and your followers can listen directly from their feed. The artwork is beautifully displayed along with the player, making for a post that’s both visually and musically appealing.

From the share button menu, choose the blue Tumblr “t” and a dialog box will pop up. Make a few relevant comments, and hit “post.” There, simple as that!


Although Google+ doesn’t get a lot of enthusiastic support as a social media platform, it is—well—it’s Google, so we all want to make the King of All Search Engines happy. So yes, you should definitely post your SoundCloud tracks to your Google+ account.

However, like Facebook, the question here is whether to share it on your personal profile or your fan page (if you even have one there). Obviously, it wouldn’t hurt to do both, but you can probably just pick one and leave it at that. Your main goal is to grab the attention of Google’s search engine.

The Google+ embedded player works great for sharing your SoundCloud activity and interactions. But note that playlists aren’t currently rendering a player, so be sure to share your tracks individually on Google+. You can still share a playlist, but your friends and followers will have to click over to SoundCloud to listen to it.


The Pinterest integration is cool, because the SoundCloud HTML5 player will launch when a pin is clicked, allowing you to listen while you continue to browse. Your pinned tracks are fully attributed with a link back to your SoundCloud profile, while the artwork is shown along with your other pins.

You can share on Pinterest the same way as with the other platforms by clicking on the ‘Share’ button below its waveform and then click the ‘Pinterest’ button. Likewise, you can also copy the URL of the track you’d like to share and paste it directly onto the site, or use Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ bookmark.


shutterstock_186312422For obvious reasons, SoundCloud and YouTube don’t lend themselves to be natural partners—one is an audio platform, and the other is video. Still, for an up and coming musician, it would be a real mistake not to have a YouTube presence. And there are still ways to do a little cross promoting.

For example, having at least one music video uploaded (even if it’s low production), and then link back to your SoundCloud Page is a good idea. You can make other videos such as “behind the scenes” or interviews, or studio sessions, jam sessions, etc., and link those back to your SoundCloud page, too. Remember, YouTube is owned by Google, so any backlinks from this extremely influential domain is a big plus for your search engine visibility. But SoundCloud is where your music is at, so driving traffic back to your artist profile (where they can buy your songs) is a good strategy.


We all know that no matter what business we’re in these days, social media promotion plays an increasing role in getting our message out. The music industry is no different.

However, many musicians aren’t really comfortable with the promoting side of the business—or in any case don’t have the time or desire to deal with it. That’s when a social media promotion company might be sought out to help with the task.

SoundCloud is the perfect combination of a music listening app and a social media platform. Unfortunately, there are many non-musicians—potential fans—that are not on SoundCloud. To reach them, we have to expand our presence on other social media sites. SoundCloud recognized that and created several ways to integrate and share across platforms. Every musician should take advantage of these opportunities to grow their listener base.

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