Using Facebook Leads Ads For A Product Launch

Facebook has long been the social media platform of choice for product launches. Marketers have used the site in a variety of ways, from educating consumers with infographics, to collecting email addresses to send out product updates. The ability to share information is incredibly helpful, but the lead collecting process has been clunky at best.

In order to gather leads, Facebook page owners create special forms for their pages, being mindful that they should not ask for too much information since that causes people to back out of the sign-up process. Then they direct people to the form. Once readers are at the form, they try to get them to sign up.

Usually, all of those moving parts lead to a low success rate when gathering email addresses and other information.

Now, though, marketers can use Lead Ads. Lead Ads have all of the benefits that come with collecting email addresses and information for product launches, without the drawbacks. In fact, Lead Ads make the old method of doing things look cumbersome and antiquated.

How Lead Ads Work

Under the hood, Lead Ads are pretty complex, but they result in a simple and straightforward experience for end users. This is why they are so effective.

Lead Ads are a great addition to a product launch marketing plan for the simple reason that they make following a product launch easy. If you create an ad that intrigues people about your product, Lead Ads makes growing an email or phone list as easy as two taps.

The process is straightforward: You create an ad to interest people in your product. When they click on the ad’s CTA, they are redirected to an opt-in form. Facebook populates the form for them based on information the site collects, and they just click Submit.


That means you can get the information you seek with just a couple of taps. While people don’t like to spend much time filling out forms, most people don’t mind clicking a Submit button if the form is filled out for them.

Creating Your Ad

When you use Facebook Lead Ads, you need to use the ad to compel people to give you their information. This is a far cry from how you have done things in the past. Before, you would use ads to drive people to your website, and then use the website to get people to give up their information.

Fortunately, you have some extra real estate when you create Facebook Lead Ads. Use that virtual advertising real estate to add in some points from your main sales page.

This is also a great opportunity to give away something free for your product launch. For instance, if you’re launching a new guide for Facebook advertising, you can give away a free white paper and advertise it in your ad.

Call to Action

You usually create your own CTAs with Facebook ads, but that is not the case with Lead Ads. You have various CTAs you can choose from.


You  can select from:

  • Apply Now
  • Download
  • Get Quote
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe

You can find a way to incorporate the various CTAs into your product launch campaign. For example, “Download” is a great choice if you’re giving something away to get people excited about your product. On the other hand, if you’re using the opportunity to educate people about your launch, you can use “Learn More.”

Creating Your Lead Generation Form

Facebook puts the power in your hands when you create your lead generation form. You can select from a variety of data that you want to collect and even add custom questions. Questions are a great choice if you are still fine-tuning your product before the launch. You can use this as a chance to conduct some last-minute market research while gathering email addresses.


It’s important to note that you can ask for more information than you normally would on a lead generation form since Facebook auto-fills it for users. That means you should take the time to think about the information you would like to have for the product launch and beyond. The information you gather can help your marketing campaigns for years to come.

Setting Up Your Autoresponder or CRM

Facebook has integrated several autoresponders as apps, and it continues to add to the list. It is important that you choose an autoresponder that is already integrated and then set everything up through it.

Set up a welcome message thanking people for their interest, along with any free downloads that you offered during the sign-up process. It is also a good idea to set up a complete pre-launch and launch series. This series should count down to the launch, include product information, and let people know how they can pre-order or buy the new product. 

launch-facebook-marketingLaunch & Grow

Facebook Lead Ads are going to change the way marketers interact with this site. These ads make gathering email addresses for your email marketing goals, and other vital information, easier than ever before. If you use this tool correctly, you can have huge product launches and build a solid customer base that will continue to purchase products from your company.

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