Get More Social Media Engagement on Twitter: Make 140 Character Friends!

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Getting more social media engagement should be the goal of everyone on Twitter. It should be as big a goal as getting more followers as lots of followers are worthless without interaction. You want clicks to your website, retweets, and lasting brand impressions, don’t you?

Unless you’re Katy Perry, who can say anything and see her retweets, replies, and Likes blow up, you have to work carefully to get more Twitter engagement. And if your plan for getting engagement stops at using hashtags, because ‘that’s what all the kids do nowadays,’ you need to either go home or study this article hard! Proper engagement takes so much more.

More social media engagement on Twitter

Don’t use all 140 characters every time

We’re all aware of Twitter’s character limit, and many of us edit our words to juuuuuust fit in under it. But is that good enough? To make retweeting as easy as possible, you need to make sure that there’s space for the “RT: @username” that comes up at the beginning of every retweet. Failure to do so will, well, I’ve decided not to retweet a number of times because of this. I didn’t want to edit someone’s tweet for them!

Now let’s say that someone wants to retweet you and add a comment of their own. Where’s it going to fit if you already took up all 140 characters? So selfish of you! This problem has been made easier thanks to the new ‘Quote’ feature (shown below), but why make it hard on your followers to retweet you and add a comment? Try to keep your tweets to 110 characters max to make it easier.

social media engagements retweets

Twitter is more active during business hours

Everyone always asks when the best time to tweet is, and that’s a pretty flexible question. Everyone’s absolute ideal time will differ. You can use a tool like Tweriod to help you find out when your followers are online, but the general rule is 8am – 7pm is the most active.

Wait a minute! Why aren’t people working, or getting their school work done during those hours?!? Well, I’m sure you know the answer to that: Twitter is that brief two minute break you take on your way to the coffee machine. It’s your lunch time news source. It’s your commute time-killer. Outside of those times, people generally have better things to do than have their phones in their hands. Take this into consideration when you’re planning how to get more social media engagement on Twitter.


Don’t forget tweeting on the weekend!

Ok, you just read me talking about how you get more Twitter engagements during the working day. Now I’m about to completely contradict myself by saying that you’ll also get more engagements on Twitter over the weekend.

It has been found that you can expect at least 17% higher engagement levels on the weekend compared to your Monday – Friday levels. This has made tools like Hootsuite, which allow you to schedule your tweets in advance, incredibly valuable. You deserve time off from work, but that doesn’t mean that your Twitter account has to take a break! In fact, pairing Hootsuite with a Twitter retweet tool could see your social media enagement on weekends be your biggest strength! Just be ready for Monday mornings…

Images, videos and GIFs rule Twitter

Have you been on Twitter long enough to remember when it was text and links only? I have been, and let me tell you this: THOSE DAYS WERE SO BORING. Ever since Twitter added images to tweets there has been more fun on Twitter. Sure, we still have a 140 character limit, but we all know the cliche about what a photo is worth.

GIFs and video do, of course, add even more to what you can share in terms of visual appeal. Getting someone to stop and watch a video can be tough, and it’s even tougher if it’s long. Consider using short Vine videos to convey information quickly. Twitter owns Vine, so it’s safe to assume that Vine will always be a feature on Twitter!

And don’t think I’ve forgotten about Twitter video! It always plays smoothly in Twitter’s own API, so your followers can watch something quickly through this tool too:

Calls to action let your fans know what you want

Sometimes, the easiest way to get more social media engagement is to ask for it. Calls to action online are more important than ever. You only have a small window of opportunity with your followers on Twitter before they scroll past. You want them to do something right when they see your tweet as they likely won’t ever see it again. Try different calls to action to get different engagements:

  • Click the link!
  • Please retweet!
  • Reply with your thoughts
  • Like if you agree
  • Tag a friend

Anything you want your followers to do, just tell them and they will respond better. Here’s a guy who used three calls to action at once and stomped on the planet with a Godzilla-sized foot:

Not bad social media engagement at all!

You need to engage with your followers

The most successful Twitter marketing brand right now, in terms of who has the most followers, is @Starbucks. They are so successful at getting followers because they may also be the most engaging brand on Twitter. They don’t wait for social media engagements to come to them, they go out there and talk with their audience.

Here are some typical tweets from them in reply to random comments made by followers, and non-followers alike:

They’re not content with sitting back, sending out tweets, and waiting for …it… to happen. They’re putting themselves out there, replying to direct and indirect comments about them, and being SOCIAL on their SOCIAL media. Imagine that!

Having the best social media engagement levels

The tactics above have all been used to increase engagement on Twitter. Perhaps the most important one is the last one: You get what you give in this world, and that includes Twitter.

No matter what you do, be sure to monitor when your tweets are actually most engaged with. Good Twitter analytic tools can do a lot to help you as you could find that your restaurant does better after 7pm. Maybe your all-night pizza shop does REALLY well on Friday and Saturday nights at 2am. You’ll never know until you start to monitor your engagements in an organized way. As with all things digital, data is your best friend!


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