Get More Vine Followers for your Video Marketing Efforts

get more vine followers

Video marketing in 2016, and beyond, is going to include much more than just YouTube. Getting more Vine followers is going to be the goal of not only Vine users, but YouTubers as well. This is because Vine can be used as a video marketing tool with instant Twitter marketing benefits, and YouTubers are starting to take notice.

Take the time to learn about Vine marketing and start using it as a way to prop up your YouTube marketing with a Twitter connection, or use it as its own unique video platform. Either way, you need to get more Vine followers and I’m going to help you.

Get Vine followers for your video marketing efforts

Connecting social media sites to kickstart your Vine

Vine is a newer social media platform. By now, you have likely developed a large Twitter following. You can use this audience to quickly build your Vine follower count by connecting your Vine and Twitter:

  1. Click on your Vine profile.
  2. Find the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to the tab which says Social Networks.

You can now connect your Twitter, and other social media sites, from this screen. Once you’ve done this you’ll find that Twitter, Vine’s owner, has worked to help you import Twitter followers to Vine:

  1. Click on your Vine profile again.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to where it says Friends.
  4. Click on the Find People tab.
  5. Start telling your Twitter followers you’re on Vine!

Vine is the perfect video marketing platform for Twitter’s short attention spans, so these may be the quickest Vine followers you get! I’d recommend it as your second step in getting more followers, with a Vine followers service being first. One of the services reviewed on that page will help you gain social proof so that as many of the people which you invite as possible agree to follow you on Vine. Getting people to follow you when your numbers are low is tough.

Know which Vine videos work before recording

You will never get Vine followers if you don’t know what works on Vine. To start researching what sort of Vines you can create, based on your interests and strengths as a video creator, try:

  • The Popular Now section, located on the left hand side of Vine. You’ll start to see that while funny Vines are typically the most popular, there is still room for politics, music, stop motion, and news.
  • The Playlists section to sit down and watch a number of videos in a row which are both popular and similar. This will also help you build your own Playlist plan for the future.
  • The Trending Tags tab on the left hand side is where you’ll start to learn about Vine’s tendency to have content which trends quickly. If you see something there you had better already have a quick plan as it’s popular now, not tomorrow!
  • Using Vine’s search to look for keywords which you want to create ideas around. The most popular Vines will help you locate content which is appropriate for those keywords. You may even find some Viners that you want to work with, but more on that later!

Vine has a lot of content built up already which can guide you to create content which will help you get more Vine followers. Do your homework to succeed.

Hashtags are a big part of finding Vine followers

Twitter owns Vine because the two are so similar on some important levels. A big reason is because Vine uses hashtags exactly the same as Twitter, and they use them to success (unlike Facebook…).

As I write this, the top trending tag is for the #Grammys. Many Vine users were prepared for this and had content ideas ready, others just went with the flow. Here’s someone who had a plan well in advance:

And here’s someone who tried to wing it and …well, I don’t see too many loops there:


What this is showing is that having a plan in advance for trends which you know are coming can go a long way towards getting you more loops and more followers.

Share your Vines everywhere

You never know where you’re going to find a new Vine follower. To share it in most cases, all you need is the Vine video’s URL. Other ways to share your Vine videos are a bit more involved:

  • Blogs: I showed you above how a Vine embed can get people to watch a video. Not only can this help you get more Vine followers, but it can also help improve your bounce rates and push people to read more of your blog posts.
  • ‘Best of’ YouTube videos: Your Vines are video files that can be edited together into YouTube videos. You see these frequently on YouTube from people who take other people’s Vines and turn them in YouTube videos. Get ahead of them and create a ‘Best of’ video with your own content.
  • Pinning on Pinterest: While you can’t easily pin a Vine, you can pin a YouTube video with just the URL. The process for a straight up Vine video is a bit longer.
  • Make GIFs from your Vines: GIFs are a short series of looping images, very similar to Vine. This is why many Vine videos can be turned into perfect GIFs. The best place to do this is Check out the Vine below from Gerald Andal as a GIF.


Make friends with other Vine users

Vine is a very social place, and not just down in the comments below each Vine video. One of the easiest, and funnest, ways to get more Vine followers is by making friends with other Vine users. Here’s a great example from one of my favorite Viners with some of his pals:

I don’t know if they were friends first and made Vines, or if they found each other through Vine and became friends. Either way they create great content together frequently and all Viners involved benefit.

If you don’t have any friends on Vine, start building those relationships. Frequently comment on their Vines, revine them, and generally get up in their business. Be genuinely interested, make real comments, and eventually real always recognises real.

Get more Vine followers for all of your video marketing

The key to using all of these tips for your general video marketing efforts is to determine if you want to use Vine on its own, or to push your YouTube. If you are going to use it to push YouTube, be sure to include frequent calls to action to visit your channel, and put it in your bio.

No matter what your video marketing goals are, getting more Vine followers is the key to your success. Be sure to:

  • Quickly build your following by linking your Twitter account, and other social media.
  • Learn what works on Vine by studying other popular content.
  • Have a hashtag plan for your content, and for trends.
  • Share your Vines everywhere you can.
  • Connect with other Vine users so that you can all share followers.

Vine videos may be just six seconds long, but their accumulative effect over time can lead to lifelong friendships, or exceptional customer journeys, and can always be part of a strong video marketing plan.


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