How to Advertise on Facebook: 20 Examples

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With your Facebook ad options expanding, and with so many ways to share, knowing how to advertise on Facebook is becoming more complicated all the time. Using it effectively, and spending your budget and time wisely, is essential as you can quickly get lost.

These 20 points will help you get your Facebook ads on track, help you spend your budget, and give you all of the best content ideas. Read on for real examples that you can truly learn from!

How to advertise on Facebook: 20 examples!

Facebook ads: The basics

Some of the basic statistics as to why Facebook ads, and content marketing there, are important include:

  • 900 million users visit Facebook every single day. You can choose the right people out of these 900 million based on location, age, interests, and more.
  • 700 million people access Facebook via mobile devices.
  • You can create and target different ads for different audience segments – it’s not ‘one size fits all’ like it is with other media.

The statistics speak for themselves. Your audience is on Facebook, and you can market to them with the right Facebook ad choices, and the right content strategy.

Facebook ads need custom headlines and images

When you are promoting your Facebook page, the automatic headline and image that appears can always be improved upon. The source for these are the name of the page you’re sharing, and the associated feature image.

Most of the time, we don’t use a strong call to action in our page titles. That’s just not what they’re for. To get the most from for page shares and advertising efforts you need to take that extra step to push people to click.

You can tell when pages don’t do this as they repeat the page title twice, like in this example from my Oakland Raiders:

how to advertise on facebook marketing

Think about how much better that would be if they had replaced “Highlights From Charles Woodson’s Retirement Press Conference” at the top with: “Charles Woodson has been one of the Raider’s all-time greats. Read the highlights from his storied career as he announces his retirement.”

Facebook ads should be used for special deals

When you’re spending your ad budget, you need to make sure you’re spending wisely. Spending wisely means getting clicks through to your website to make sales. The easiest way to make that happen is by sharing sales, promotions, and discounts. Who hasn’t clicked on a Facebook story to check out a deal?

facebook marketing

Facebook ads need a well controlled budget

You have so many options for how your budget will be spent. Here are the first three to think about:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Objectives (such as new Page Likes)

Facebook recommends setting an objective that you work towards. Using the ‘Clicks’ or ‘Impressions’ allows for more customization. The problem is, again, you can get lost in all of that customization.

The next options to think about include:

  • Daily budget: Meaning you only spend a certain amount per day, then once you reach that your ad spend stops. If you’re learning the ropes this can help you keep your budget in check.
  • Lifetime budget: This sets up on budget that is spend until it’s done. You take a greater risk with this Facebook ad option, but if you know what you’re doing it can save you time.

You have the option of editing the end date or budget of your Facebook ad campaign whenever you need to. Keep a close eye on your data the first few days to be sure you’ve selected the right options.

facebook likeAs part of your overall Facebook marketing campaign, be sure to have your page at a good level of likes already. There’s nothing as frustrating as spending all this money on a Facebook campaign only to get few likes on your page due people not taking you seriously. This is why people buy Facebook Likes, it pumps their numbers up so that pages already look successful, promoting more people to buy.

If you’re not big on buying Facebook likes, you can still look at this Facebook likes review website to learn a bit more before deciding to buy likes.

Run these content ideas for your Facebook marketing

Run a contest

Contests are great as people love to share them with their friends! Your biggest goal on Facebook should always be to grow and reach more people. Including a call to action like ‘share with your friends so they can enter too!’ can really help your audience explode!

facebook contest marketing

1,561 shares isn’t so bad for a largely user-generated contest! The call to action helped in this case.

Run a ‘Like vs. share’ post to ‘vote’

This little marketing trick helps your fans have a competition that pushes your message out more. The trick is that a share will, obviously, share your content, but a like can also push your posts out into the Facebook feeds of the friends who like the page. This can do wonders for your Facebook Edgerank!

how to advertise on facebook

Run a Facebook Offers campaign

This feature allows you to offer a deal directly to Facebook users. You can do this with giveaways and other discounts, and expect an email address in return. Don’t forget that Facebook doesn’t have to exist alone in a bubble. You can use it to grow your email marketing list too.

Use tools to push your Facebook ads

Use every type of video!

You can share Facebook video, YouTube videos, and Vine videos with ease on Facebook. In fact, your videos will not go viral on their own, they need a social strategy and push to get going. Your plan for video content should integrate with the type of content your audience likes to share. Without your audience supporting your videos you’ll never get anywhere with your video marketing.

facebook video marketing

Use Facebook Insights

Having your goals tracked properly is important. You can never get enough information as to how well your Facebook marketing is succeeding. In fact, you may learn more about how to advertise on Facebook in this tool than anywhere else.

With Facebook Insights you’ll be able to quickly see your most popular posts according to:

  • Clicks
  • Shares
  • Likes

Take this information, learn what you are doing right, and then create more content similar to it!

Use tagging to target influencers

Facebook is full of people and pages with more influence than you. Tagging these people and businesses can push them to share you. Not only can a share from, say, a celebrity be big for your reach, but it can also be very targeted.

Let’s say you’re a magazine sharing an article about Dwayne Johnson. You tag The Rock in the update, he sees it and smells what you’re cooking, then shares it with his audience. Not only are you expanding your audience vastly, you’re also expanding it amongst the exact right people to read this article: Fans of Dwayne Johnson.

This tactic works for nearly anything. Keep tagging and hoping for that share from the right influencer.

facebook influencer marketing

Use hashtags: They still work on Facebook!

Honestly! Hashtags work on Facebook, just not as well as on Twitter. You can use them to help you connect conversations, but I’d advise using them less often than Twitter or Instagram. Facebook users just haven’t adapted to using them.

What you can do though is look through hashtags used by competitors, or that are keywords for your business. This research opportunity can help you find content that has worked well with a hashtag, or to find successful content ideas in general.

What to start sharing on your Facebook Page

Share testimonials

Your customers have always been your best advertisers. With social media you can now share the nice things they say about you to a larger audience. Best of all, you don’t even have to create this content. Your customers are saying it in reviews, on Yelp, everywhere online!

facebook customer testimonials

Share your app: Mobile is HUGE

Remember way at the beginning of this article when I said that 900 million Facebook users are online every day, and that 700 million of those use the mobile app every day? Don’t you think that Facebook is a great place to push your mobile apps now? I hope you do, because numbers like 700 million should get your attention more than anything I can say!

facebook mobile app marketing

Share customer content

User-generated content combines testimonials and engaging content with not having to work too hard! It’s excellent! To be serious, it takes some planning to create a customer content contest that is actually shared and enjoyed. You have to play to the strengths of them. The first of which is everyone wants to be famous. Finding a way to allow your fans to show off their skills to earn news fans will ensure the best quality content.

My secret lover Zoe Saldana does this all the time with her fans:

user generated content marketing

If only I could draw…

Share Facebook exclusive content

To play off the idea above, making your Facebook fans feel special, is exclusive content. Having content that you mark as exclusive to Facebook, anything from pictures to contests to video, creates an atmosphere that pushes shares. Why? People want their Facebook fans to be in on the secret too!

Things to participate in

Participate in #TBT and #FBF

#TBT is Throwback Thursday. #FBF is Flashback Friday. These are two of the very few hashtags to really catch on through Facebook. #FBF has been the more traditional Facebook hashtag, with #TBT being more for Twitter. You can experiment and see which works best for your Facebook advertising with some A/B testing.

facebook hashtag marketing

Whoops, was that two Zoe Saldana posts in a row? Well, they both illustrate their intended Facebook marketing techniques. I think we’ll be okay.

Participate in silly holidays

Social media isn’t serious! People go on it to have fun, and you are free to participate in that fun as much as you wish. Do a search for popular ‘meme worthy’ holidays that are coming up, make sure they are brand appropriate, and go nuts. You’ll be surprised on the share numbers you’ll get from these silly posts, especially if you use the corresponding hashtag.

silly holiday facebook marketing

Yes, #NationalUnderwearDay was a thing! I promise that this was the last Zoe Saldana marketing example…

Participate in meme culture

Everyone loves memes. They’re a form of nonverbal Internet communication, and you can use them to help soften your PPC ads. There’s nothing like a Facebook ad that uses a meme to first get eyeballs on it as people recognize the familiar image, and then getting them to click.

meme marketing

Participate in trending stories, news-jack wisely

The next big story that relates to what you’re advertising could help you explode your reach. While you’re learning how to advertise on Facebook, know that you need both short and long term ways to grow. Trends are opportunities to share content with a short-term appeal. You can use trending topics consistently, with a new trend each time, to create a long-term plan.

What you have to look out for is news-jacking. This is when you take a story which is completely unrelated to your Facebook page and share it. This also applies to when you try to jump on tragic stories when you’re not really a news-sharing source. You don’t need to report on, say, Lamar Odom’s recovery if you’re a computer store. A sports store? That can work better as your audience wants to know about this former basketball player.

Participate in the lives of your fans

Social media is all about being social. You don’t have to schedule out posts and sit back waiting for the clicks to roll in. You can communicate with your fans, respond to their comments, and even comment on their own content. The more you give, the more you get.

If that isn’t an appropriate message to go out on in this article going live over the holiday season, I don’t know what is!


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