How to Become an Influence Marketing Agency in 30 Days!

influence marketing

Do you want to quit your day job? Do you want to take your resume to the next level? Do you want to become an industry leader? Of course, but there are thousands of bull crap articles online telling you and selling you other bull crap. Most of those articles are written be people selling you their own marketing service, or are blatantly link-juicy SEO articles.

This guide will teach you where to start, from literally having 0 followers, to get over 10,000 followers on every major social media platform. It will show you where you can sign up to sell your access as an influence marketer, and how you can start generating revenue and building up clients as soon as possible.

  1. Social Proof Yourself:

    • Ok, you’ve started, but you have zero followers. Buy them! Sure, they might be robot accounts, but there are premium vendors of super-real looking followers for every major profile. Ideally, you have at least 10,000 followers on Twitter, and a few thousand on other profiles.
    • This will be the ONLY Part you need to spend money on. However, Social Proof is fucking everything. It’s beyond critical. If you don’t have a following, real or not, nobody is going to pay you to tweet about anything. You will want to buy your follower from websites like these:
  2. Establish History:

    • Now, you need to connect your profiles to Buffer App, or BuzzBundle if you manage a handful of aliases. Buffer App is free, BuzzBundle is not. Now, go find at least 5 websites that have the best, newest, and most relevant industry news to your market.
    • Now, copy/paste URLs and Titles from hundreds of pages and put them in your scheduler. You need to blast these out constantly.
  3. Demonstrate Engagement:

    • Now, your fake followers aren’t clicking, sharing, or liking anything you say online. This is a huge problem! Just kidding, go back to Devumi or TwitterBoost and buy engagement!
    • They both offer auto-engagement services so every tweet you tweet will get likes and shares. Ramp up your spending on this so it shows an increase in engagement and an increase in results.
  4. Get Your Customers:

    • Now, this might sound like the trickiest part, but its surprisingly not. Do you want to make $100 per day? Go to fiver and make an account. Setup a job like these guys: “I will tweet any message you give me” .
    • Record a video of yourself and show your Twitter account off in the video so people like me will find trust in you and your account.
    • You can make a lot more than $100 in a day from Fiverr alone!
  5. Sign up to Influencer Marketing Hubs:

    • There are whole websites that offer influencer marketing marketplaces where buyers and selling can securely and safely meet and discuss the goals and the project. Sign up there, and if you really are in a hurry, make another account from a different IP and buy yourself for a few fake projects.
    • Here is a list of websites that act as Influencer Marketing Marketplaces:

influence marketing

Think Like an Influence Marketer: Set The Trap. You Are The Bait

Now that you’ve got a decent setup and you’re bringing in some money, it’s time to double-check your entire universe. Is your email address on every single platform? That’s right, you’re going to want to make sure your email is on every bio on every social platform.

It sounds like a bad idea, because you’ll get caught in lots of script-kiddies software scrapers and get blasted with lots of spam. This is true, however, amidst that mess are people and companies like me that use it for genuine white hat scraping. All of the best and most powerful software for SEO and SMM purposes scrape users in specific verticals and look for their email. Once your email starts getting scraped up by these people, they will autonomously send you an email with a private offer to pay you for your services. Now, you’ll begin getting organic growth and grow that customer list.


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