How to Instagram like Mike: @Jumpman23’s Exceptional Instagram Marketing

how to instagram like mike

It’s no secret that Nike’s Air Jordan basketball sneakers have been the hottest shoes on the streets for decades. I may even have a dozen or so pairs of my own. While street buzz is good for Jordan Brand, it’s on the @Jumpman23 Instagram account where some really interesting marketing is taking place.

Let’s look at what the @Jumpman23 account does so well so that we can learn how to Instagram like Mike, and apply what we learn to our own Instagram marketing! Plenty of examples will be scattered throughout, so get ready for a breath of fresh Air!

How to Instagram like Mike

Keeping it real

One of the first things you notice about the @Jumpman23 account when you scroll through it is that this is not focused on the past. You’d think that with a spokesperson like Michael Jordan they would focus solely on MJ23. This is not the case. The account is full of what people are wearing right now:

On deck. The #AirJordan I Retro Low OG ‘Medium Grey’ drops tomorrow on

A photo posted by Jordan (@jumpman23) on

It’s full of people at the gym, during practice, hustling their game:

Practice test. #mubb   A photo posted by Jordan (@jumpman23) on

It also, as you’d expect, features some of the NBA’s best players who are on Team Jordan. They make up the minority of the photos as Jordan Brand is focused more on selling to people based on how they can see themselves wearing the shoes at practice or on the street. Not many people will ever see themselves wearing Jordans like this:


Break ’em in. #AJXXX


A photo posted by Jordan (@jumpman23) on

This has proven to be a wise move by @Jumpman23, and it’s a lesson that you can learn too. Yes, they show their shoes on some of the best basketball players in the world, but they focus more on their shoes in the real world. More and more often lately, if you want to learn how to Instagram effectively you need to look to what your fans are doing. They’re not doing photoshoots with Russell Westbrook. They’re on the streets snapping pics, they’re at practice perfecting their game. Create content like theirs and you’ll be able to connect with them on their level.

Creating highlight moments

The only times that you’ll ever see the stars of the NBA on the @Jumpman23 account on the court is when they are doing something big. The example above with Russell Westbrook was for the official launch of the Air Jordan XXX. The rest of the time they’re being photographed in relatable moments wearing street clothes. Here’s one of their All Stars getting a mention each after the lineups were announced:

This strategy helps to make their highlight moments even more special. They are also great for sharing, and even better for general engagement via replies. Michael Jordan himself is used in pictures even more rarely, becoming more of a myth than a man:

The next frontier of flight. #AJXXX Watch the live unveil now on   A photo posted by Jordan (@jumpman23) on

Everyone trying to learn how to Instagram more effectively can take this example and use it. All you need to do is focus on the best moments possible for your account and make them count. They didn’t take a picture of Russell Westbrook relaxing in the dressing room to debut the new Air Jordan XXX. They have him mid-flight during a game, about to dunk on some fool. Using these big moments at the same time as an Instagram follower service (review some here) can make for a huge boost. As your numbers shoot up from the service, users will see your great content and be even more eager to follow you.

The @Jumpman23 hashtag strategy isn’t for an amateur

With such a popular account, already followed by everyone who cares to, @Jumpman23 focuses on creating stories with their hashtags. Some of the most recent hashtags used on the account includes:

     1. #AJXXX: For the newest Air Jordan release. They have used it to create a story which starts with the first images of the box, a close up of the shoe’s tongue, through to Russell Westbrook’s debut.#

     2. WeAreJordanThis is used to connect important brand moments. The most recent was landing in Toronto for the All Star game. They are using it for important brand moments to help people feel like they’re connected to the brand as other Instagrammers make frequent use of it. It has also been used in other online advertising.

3. #AirJordanIt doesn’t get much more basic than this, more than anything it’s being used to encourage others to use it to. When you’re as popular as Jordan Brand, you can use any hashtag you like and your fans will create content for you and use that hashtag.


This is a strategy that can really only be used by the best Instagram marketers. If I had to grade their hashtag use, I’d give it a C+. They’re clearly relying more on their other Instagram marketing tactics than on any real Instagram hashtag marketing.

They take their influencer marketing seriously

One of the smartest things you’ll ever do is use your established Instagram account to popularize other accounts that are new. That’s exactly what Jordan Brand are doing right now as they use Instagram to push their Snapchat. To make things even better, they’re handing their Snapchat over to a famous NBA player and pushing that on Instagram:

Blake-over. Snapchat ?: jumpman23   A photo posted by Jordan (@jumpman23) on


Portrait mode. @JimmyButler is live on Snapchat. ?: Jumpman23   A photo posted by Jordan (@jumpman23) on


The definition of #FromChicagoForChicago. @jabariparker and @dexfowler are live on Snapchat. ?: Jumpman23   A photo posted by Jordan (@jumpman23) on

People online aren’t using only one social media platform. They’re moving around and discovering new ways to enjoy content online. Using one popular platform to help your fans find your new social media account is a smart use of your account.

Combining that with influencer marketing adds a sense of urgency: “Oh, I had better join now! Jimmy Butler’s on!” If a new Jumpman social media account is being ignored, this is the perfect strategy to build it up. Use it on your own Instagram to help your entire online marketing goals as you build new social media accounts.

How to Instagram with slam dunk style

The @Jumpman23 account has been one of the top Instagram marketing accounts since it began. The techniques which it has been using have only helped it grow:

  • Staying true to the style of pictures that their fans take, and keeping it street level or in the gyms.
  • Creating big highlight moments where they actually use their star’s power. When something big is happening with their brand, they go as big as possible.
  • They connect stories with their hashtags, and rely on their many fans to create content based on those hashtags. They could work on this more.
  • Their influencer marketing is used wisely to push other social media accounts and continue to build their following across social media.

Your own Instagram following can follow these examples, and continue to grow. You may never leap to the mythical realms of MJ23, but you can jump a little higher.

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