How to Make Vine Videos That Are Looped Repeatedly!

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The main goal of Vine is creating six second videos that are looped over and over again. Watching the loop counter shoot up on a Vine of your own is some serious fun. This article is going to teach you how to make Vine videos that people love to loop over and over. I’ll look at content choice techniques, hashtag techniques, and social influencer techniques that will all drive your loops, and Revines, higher and higher!

If at any time you want a Vine video to turn off, just give it a click.

How to make Vine video magic!

The first thing to know when it comes to successful Vine videos is always to focus on the video itself. If you don’t have a good video to share it won’t matter what you do with all of your other tactics. A bad Vine is a bad Vine.

Fortunately for you there are thousands of incredible videos to learn from! Your first task in learning how to make Vine videos is to look at other successful videos, especially those in your genre.

How do you find these popular Vines that will inspire you? My favorite place to go is Vine’s Popular Now list. Take a look through, see what’s trending, and pick out the Vine videos that are in line with the type of content you want to create and upload.

Straight up comedy videos are always, ALWAYS, very popular:

It’s easy to make someone laugh in 6 seconds! Music, whether singing or playing an instrument (or both), is always popular as well:

Especially when it’s a cover of a famous song done in an interesting way.

The last tip for making a great Vine is considering the medium itself. Vine videos loop. Why not create a few videos that are planned just for this:

Yes, it takes planning. You can get as many Vine loops as you need for a kickstart using a service, but your ability to plan and create great Vines will determine your longterm success. Keep reading and I’ll help you plan some more!

Getting in on the hashtag game on Vine

There are two types of hashtags you can use when learning how to make your Vine videos more popular:

  1. Your own personal hashtags which you create to connect your stories. It can be tough to really create an impression on people in 6 seconds. If you give them a hashtag in your videos which connects to other Vine videos you can earn more loops, and gain some followers.
  2. Taking advantage of trending topics is a must for any Vine user. This is where the real fun is had as you join a larger conversation, while having the chance to snag new fans.

Let’s look at an example of a Vine account that uses personalized hashtags to connect a larger story. You may not know this, but the NBA has KILLER Vine game! Their hashtag for connecting the story of this year’s tip-off was #KiaTipoff2015:

If you want to see the build-up to, and the most exciting moments of, this year’s tip-off all you have to do is click on the hashtag. It doesn’t matter what type of story you’re going to tell. A personalized hashtag will connect them for your fans to watch. This increases your loops, and helps you get more followers.

The second aspect of using trending hashtags is an obvious one. What may not be readily apparent is that the best trending hashtags are the ones which are most relevant to you. For instance, one of the trendiest hashtags of the last week has been #HotlineBling. It’s a collection of videos parodying Drake’s latest video ‘Hotline Bling.’ He dances kinda silly in the video and people are creating hilarious videos.

With #hotlinebling being such a popular hashtag, it only makes sense that you HAVE to add your own video. Well, not necessarily. Getting Vine loops is one thing, but getting followers who get you more Vine loops over the long run is better. Let’s say your channel mostly focuses on silly pet tricks. Does Drake dancing around fit on your channel? Only if you can get a pet in there somehow. If the hashtag doesn’t fit your style, you’re better off focusing your efforts elsewhere.

Vine is social media, and the most popular Vine users know this!

Too many people go on Vine and think it’s all about them. About how they can get more Vine loops. About how they will get more Vine followers. This is the wrong thought process for Vine.

You need to start thinking of Vine as a place where you and your friends go to to share 6 second updates. The comments field is an all too often neglected aspect of Vine. This video from Lele Pons has over 8 million loops …and over 2,200 comments:

This is part of having a lively community. You can encourage it by talking with your fans until the community is strong enough to sustain itself.

The other aspect of being social on Vine is working with other Vine users. This is a really hot trend right now amongst the most popular Viners, and it’s very easy to use it to make Vine videos on your account that get shared on others.

Here’s my favorite Viner, Jerry Purpdrank, working with fellow Viners Curtis Lepore, Christian DelGrosso, Max Jr , and DAN Nampaikid:

That Vine video has so many loops because each one of those Vine users shared it on their own account with their audience. (And because it’s funny.) The more effort you put into being social with other Viners, the better chances you have of working together with them.

Are there any other ideas you would like to discuss about getting Vine loops, followers, or Revines? Let’s discuss it in the comments section below!


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