How to Use Twitter Like @KatyPerry: Real(ly fun!) Marketing Advice

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If you’re new to the Twitter world, and want to learn how to use Twitter, there’s no one better than @KatyPerry. She has the most Twitter followers …ever. 81,100,00, or 81 million! And it’s not just because she’s a sensational pop singer. It’s not just because of her looks. It’s because she uses Twitter very well, and you can learn to use it just like her!

How to use Twitter: @KatyPerry style

Personal #hashtag creation and use

Having your own personal hashtags, which you use to build a ‘story,’ is an essential part of learning how to write tweets. A hashtag is a link which connects tweets. When someone clicks on that link it brings up all of the other tweets with that same hashtag. In the example below the hashtag is #KatyPerryPopKaty’s pushing this hashtag right now for her own personal app:

Anyone who clicks a hashtag will see every other tweet with that same hashtag. You can scroll down and see everything that Katy has had to say about this topic, along with her fans’ thoughts, and learn more about it. That’s the whole point of hashtags: To connect with and learn more about a topic. A personal hashtag makes it so people can learn more about a topic specific to you.

Using Twitter contests

Katy takes advantage of how much people on Twitter LOVE entering contests. Using them accomplishes a number of things for her:

  • They raise awareness for upcoming tours, album releases, and other product.
  • She uses retweets and @mentions as part of the contest which grows her audience.
  • Her followers feel like they’re getting something valuable from her Twitter account, and continue to pay attention to it and engage with her.

Katy uses her Twitter contests expertly to accomplish all of these things consistently. As you learn how to use Twitter, you don’t need to have contests that are as extravagant as Katy’s are. Start small and build from there.

A scavenger hunt to win a dress she wore? The things I would have done if I won that…

Twitter polls start conversations

Katy is one of the few celebrities to use Twitter polls, a relatively new feature, as effectively as possible. Polls are great as they can start serious, or not so serious, discussions in the #replies below the tweet. People are also more inclined to share polls with friends so that they can learn more about them.

The number of replies she received from this dirt-simple poll is remarkable. The poll also played right into her usual ‘brand identity’ of promoting empowerment and positivity for everyone.

You can use polls a bit more …sneakily… by using them as part of your audience research. Flat out ask people what they want from you. Ask them what they think you should do in the future. Ask them for feedback on what you’re doing now. It’s your chance for a free focus group on a global scale.

Even Katy needs calls to action

A call to action is anything which directs your followers what to do. The most commonly used calls to action are:

  • Please retweet
  • Click the link for more
  • Follow me
  • @Mention a friend who’d be interested
  • Retweet for yes, Like for no

These are straight-forward and to the point as they ‘call’ for your followers to do something beneficial to your goals. Katy uses them effectively to grow her audience:

The trick she uses all the time is hiding it behind something fun, like a silly photo or idea. The retweets she gets help grow her audience, regardless of how silly or pointless her tweets are. What’s even better is using these calls to action along with a social proof building action such as buying retweets. Your shares from real Twitter users can’t help but shoot up when you’re using this tool and a good call to action.

Participating in ongoing chats

There are many different chats going on through Twitter. They are always organized by a unique hashtag, and hosted by one particular account. Katy’s most recent example was an #appstorechat. It was done at the same time as the release of her app:

She used it as a chance to interact with her fans by answering questions. If you’re not as famous as Katy, you can join in on chats to expand your audience and find new followers. There’s no telling what a good tweet in a chat can do. Everything from your tweet going viral, to being featured on the host’s blog in a summary post, and more, is possible.

Real-time tweeting and hashtag use

Katy uses Twitter just like us: She tweets real-world events that impact her emotionally, and uses the hashtags associated with them. This is an easy and effective way for you to connect, especially if the event is closely associated with what your Twitter account is all about.

See? Katy is just as human as any of us.* Her Twitter account reflects this. Your Twitter account should do this as well. Think of Twitter as a really big conversation. Participating in the conversation, rather than just tweeting out links to your website, is the only way how to use Twitter effectively. Everything else is just noise.

Using Twitter like Katy Perry

Katy is a very clever Twitter marketer with a very understated sense of how to markets herself. We learned how she:

  1. Uses personal hashtags to connect tweets on one topic.
  2. Uses Twitter contests to keep engagement with her account high.
  3. Asks questions via polls to get conversations started.
  4. Participates in ongoing chats to grow her fanbase and launch new products.
  5. Has calls to action which serve to build her fanbase.
  6. Tweets in real-time to stay relatable to us.

In short, if you can’t learn how to tweet by following @KatyPerry’s example, you just can’t learn to tweet!

*It’s true, my girlfriend spent a day and had dinner with her once. Katy ate food, spoke politely, and everything! Like a real person! Lollllzzzz


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  • Kety is using twitter and hash tags the best way in which they can be utilized. She is using it to get traffic as well as to interact with her followers. This results in wonderful traction.

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    • Thanks for your feedback, Richard! Katy really is a smart Twitter marketer in many regards.

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