Instagram Opens the Door for Businesses to Have Multiple Accounts

Social networks are supposed to provide an easy way for businesses to reach their customer base. While they strive to make that happen, some fall short. This has been the case with Instagram, due to the way it has treated people and businesses with multiple accounts. If you have more than one account, you have to sign out of one account and sign into the other in order to use it.

At least, that used to be the case. Instagram has finally changed this policy and now allows people to stay logged in as they switch between accounts on their mobile devices. You can add several accounts and then switch between them without any problems. This makes Instagram a lot more enjoyable and effective for people and brands.

First, look at how you can switch between accounts. Then, check out the various benefits that come with having more than one Instagram account.

Switching Between Accounts

The new update makes it a snap to switch between Instagram accounts on the app. Go to your account settings and add an account.


Add a new account and repeat the process if necessary. You can add up to five accounts.

Once you have your accounts loaded in, head over to your profile and tap on your username. That will bring up a menu of all of the accounts that you have installed on Instagram. Tap on the one that you want to use and then post on the site.

Now let’s look at the benefits this feature has to offer.

Separate Personal and Business Accounts

Because it has been so difficult to switch between accounts, some people use the same account for business and pleasure. That means their customer base sees their family photos, and their friends see their marketing pictures. This turns off both groups. This new feature makes it easy to maintain two separate accounts. This will help you from a marketing perspective and also keep you from annoying your friends and family.

Laser Targeting

targeting-businessLaser targeting is the foundation of a solid marketing strategy. The more you can target your accounts, the easier it will be for you to make conversions. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to use laser targeting for their Instagram accounts. They load up a variety of pictures on their account and then reach all kinds of people. Because the photos and hashtags aren’t targeted, they aren’t able to get lots of conversions.

If you have multiple accounts, you can laser target them so they appeal to distinct groups of people. For instance, you can have an account that only has black and white photos, and another account for photo contests. Then, you can market these accounts to individual groups instead of casting a wide net to reach your entire market.

You do have to be smart about this, though. While laser targeting is important, you don’t want to target it down so far that you don’t have a big enough audience to get the interaction that you need. If your audience is too small to engage your users, combine some accounts to get more traction.


Having multiple accounts also gives you the power to split test your Instagram accounts. You can try different things on the various accounts to find out what works for your audience. You can gather that data and use it to improve your social marketing strategy across all of your channels.

For instance, you can create two contest accounts and split test the hashtags or photos used for the contest. You can look at the engagement levels to find out which contest performed better. This will help you create a powerful contest down the road.

You can also create two black and white photo accounts and split test the photos or hashtags to find out what works best for your market.

You have to be careful with this strategy, too, though. It is important that you don’t split your audience up to the point that you can’t get a high level of engagement on your accounts. Run your split tests, but then go back to business as usual on your accounts so you can continue to laser target each account.

This is an exciting time for brands on Instagram. They can finally reach their audiences without signing out of their accounts multiple times a day. With the right strategy, your brand can finally soar on the social network. Get started today so you can gain some traction on Instagram.

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