Say Goodbye to Clickbait on Facebook

For a while, it seemed as if clickbait articles were going to completely take over Facebook, much to the dismay of honest marketers. These articles have headlines that people can’t help but click on, but once they do, the content never delivers. Fortunately, Facebook has taken steps to get rid of clickbait and honest marketers all over the world are going to benefit from it.

Feed Quality Panel

Since its inception, Facebook has relied heavily on user actions when determining what to display in news feeds. That is why you don’t always see your friends’ posts. Facebook analyzes engagement statistics in order to determine what you want to see and then it puts those posts on the top of your page.

This algorithm is responsible for the rise of clickbait. People create any type of content they want and then use a clickbait title to get clicks. By receiving lots of clicks, the article makes it to the top of more news feeds. That, in turn, allows the article to get even more clicks, which boosts it even more.

At least, that’s how it used to be done.

Realizing there was a problem in the system, Facebook set up a Feed Quality Panel. The panel asks users questions in order to find out how much they like the content that is on their feeds. Instead of relying on clicks or other forms of engagement, the panel gets to the heart of the matter by asking people directly if they want that piece of content on their feeds. Using the information provided to the panel, Facebook created a new algorithm in order to provide people with the content they want to see instead of the content they are more likely to click on based on the headline.

What it Means for Marketers

clickbaitIf you have not been using clickbait, you won’t be negatively impacted by this change. The change will mainly affect posters with engagement statistics that don’t match up with their satisfaction statistics. For example, if 100 people click a link and none are satisfied, you will be hit. On the other hand, if 100 people click on your article and 75 are satisfied, you will enjoy a boost.

If you post quality content that delivers on its promises, you will do well with this change. This is great news for honest marketers who are sick of losing out to clickbait.

How to Create Content People Want

You need to make sure your content creation strategy is in-line with these changes. If it is, you will enjoy all of the benefits.

Deliver on Your Promises

First, you need to deliver on the promises you set forth in your posts or headlines. Don’t lie about what people will get if they open up the article. That is considered clickbait and you will suffer from the algorithm change. Take a moment to make sure everything is accurate before making a post.

clickbait-on-facebookEducate Your Readers

If you are a brand or a business, people go to your Facebook page to learn about what you have to offer. If you educate your readers, you will honor the implied promise of helping them make informed purchase decisions. This is an easy and effective way to increase the quality of your content. As an added bonus, it will also increase your conversions since educated people turn into paying customers.

Don’t Post Too Often

If you post several times a day, you will get on your fans’ nerves. They won’t want to see your posts anymore because they are clogging up their news feeds. Keep your posts down to a minimum. Do not post more than once a day, and consider keeping it down to once or twice a week. That way, people will be excited to see your posts.

Choose the Right Format

The format is important when it comes to creating posts that people want to read. People love pictures and videos so use those formats the most often. In regards to pictures, include some infographics. That will allow you to combine educating the reader with a great picture. Use some of the online tools available to create the perfect infographics for your page.

Of course, you will want to post some articles as well. When that is the case, choose a compelling picture to draw people in. Just make sure the picture matches up with the article. After all, if you fail to deliver on your promise, you will lose readers.

By getting rid of clickbait, you can finally focus on quality. You don’t just want to get people to click on your posts. You want them to be glad that they did. Focus on quality content that lives up to its promise and you will get great results with this algorithm change.


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