Who Uses Snapchat for Marketing?

Snapchat only has 100 million active users compared to Facebook’s 1.4 billion, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important network for marketers. While people on Facebook view 4 billion videos each day, people on Snapchat view 2 billion. For a network that isn’t even 7 percent the size of Facebook, it is amazing that it gets half the amount of video views. Anytime a network demonstrates that type of reach, it gets noticed by marketers, especially when the network has mostly young users. Still, there is some confusion about who actually uses Snapshot for marketing.

Companies That Want to Promote a Product Launch

While some companies are open about their product launches from the get-go, others like to maintain a level of secrecy surrounding the event. Apple is a great example of this. The tech giant tends to stay pretty tight-lipped about their launches until they reveal the products.

Snapchat makes it easier for companies to maintain a level of secrecy while getting customers excited about upcoming products. Some brands release previews of new products on Snapchat, knowing that the videos or pictures will disappear after they are viewed. This helps them build excitement around a launch without worrying about photos leaking online.

Cosmetics company NARS recently took to Twitter to announce a Snapchat release of its new collection. People simply had to head over to Snapchat to get a glimpse of the upcoming product line.


This helped the company generate some momentum heading into the launch. Strong pre-launch momentum often leads to sales.

Companies That Have Stories to Tell

In reality, every company should have a story to tell. That is what marketing is. It’s a big story that companies add to month after month and year after year.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t understand that. They fail to create stories, which is why they fail to engage users.

Snapchat is looking to change that with its Stories feature. Brands turn their Snaps into complete stories. These stories range from a look at products to inside information about the company as a whole.

In addition, brands can use Snapchat Stories to explain how to enter contests. GrubHub provides the perfect example of this. The online food ordering company was in the market for an intern and turned to Snapchat for help. Using the Stories feature, it explained how people can apply.


Keep in mind that Snapchat Stories only stay online for 24 hours. Still, you can create a cohesive experience from one story to the next. It is possible to pick up where the last story left off in order to help people get to know your brand.

Anyone with a Live Event to Promote

Event planners were one of the first groups to use Snapchat because it provides the opportunity to reach audiences in an authentic way. They may have been the trailblazers, but now companies and brands are following suit.

The NBA is a great example of how to use Snapchat to promote live events. The NBA uses Snapchat during the draft, All-Star Game, and other events. Snapchat users get exclusive access to these live events though Snapchat videos.


While the NBA might be the leading example, it is far from the only one. Companies of all sizes use Snapchat to promote their events. If you have a live event to promote, consider using Snapchat.

Companies That Have Behind-the-Scenes Content to Share

Snapchat is popular with the younger crowd. In fact, many marketers turn to Snapchat in an effort to reach young people. The younger crowd craves authenticity, which is why many brands turn to Snapchat to give people a behind-the-scenes look at their companies. This comes in many different forms. Some people share pictures and videos of the staff having fun, while others take it a step further and give a unique look at what it is like to work for the company.

McDonald’s is a great example of providing behind-the-scenes content on Snapchat. Fans of the hamburger giant can get exclusive behind-the-scenes commercial footage. This is a fun way to engage people. It also lets people see a side of McDonalds they don’t normally get to see. This personalizes the brand, which makes it more relatable to people of all ages.

Most brands and companies can benefit from using Snapchat, especially if they’re trying to reach young people. As long as you have something to promote, you can use these social network to get the word out there. And while you’re creating content for Snapchat, take advantage and make some stuff for Instagram, too. If you’re willing to dedicate the time it takes to build a following on Snapchat, you will reap the rewards that this unique network has to offer.


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