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Facebook Messenger bots


Facebook Messenger is fast becoming more than just a way to keep in touch with loved ones and friends. As Facebook launched its Messenger Platform, businesses can now make the most of custom bots to interact closely with their customers. Through this new service, many businesses now have access to Facebook’s  billions of users which allow them to improve services specific to sales and marketing which can improve customer interaction. With the ability to automate messaging, create welcome messages and offer custom text templates to businesses, customers can make the most of speedy and convenient services that they can make the most of directly from their Messenger app.


The new Facebook Messenger Platform aims to create custom bots that allow businesses to create deeper relationships and conversations with their customers. With over 11,000 bots added since it has been launched, it is fast becoming an incredible means to dramatically improve business sales and marketing efforts with a personalized customer messaging experience.


With a billion users to date, businesses need to seriously consider adopting new marketing strategies through Facebook. With many of its users making use of Messenger as their main communication method, marketing on Facebook is becoming a shoe in for businesses looking to expand their social media influence.


Here are 5 brands that now use Facebook Messenger Bots to level up their social media strategies.


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CNN has been on the lead with sharing news and articles through Messenger.  Through Facebook’s Messenger Bots, online users can now get the latest news updates by chatting with CNN directly. Facebook Messenger users can also make use of keywords to get stories that are personalized and important to them. Any user can just message CNN with this particular keyword and CNN will then respond with the most relevant stories pertaining to that keyword.


Five Brands Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Level Up Their Social Media Strategies



Burberry’s chatbots make their customer’s shopping experience easier by acting as their personal shopper. This is helpful for retailers so they can communicate with their target customers directly and make their own suggestions based on their style and preference and what fits their customers better which can translate to sales. From helping their customers find the right sizes to suggesting new trends, Burberry has made full use of Facebook’s chatbots to level up product recommendations and change the way customer service is done through more personalized interactions online.

With over thousands of Facebook chatbots connecting with customers and making shopping easier for them, it is easy to see how this has drastically improved how Burberry markets their products by giving them better control over what trends to suggest and what their customers should be looking in to.

Brands Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Level Up Their Social Media Strategies



In terms of real estate, Trulia has made the most of Messenger’s chatbots to communicate with their customers and suggest places to rent in specific areas. For customers who are always on the go and may not have a lot of time on their hands, communicating with Trulia’s chatbots makes it easier for them to find the perfect piece of property without having to meet with real estate agents directly. Now they can simply chat and specify their ideal neighborhood, budget and the system does all the work in finding them the best options in those areas. It is easy, hassle-free and convenient and minimizes the pressure in looking for a new place to live.


On top of using chatbots for people looking for new property, other real estate companies are developing new ways to create customer profiles and help clients learn more about what financing options are available to them.


Although it is still difficult to completely let go of real estate agents, chatbots have gone a long way in improving customer interaction and communication and making every interaction more time efficient.




Facebook has also created a transportation component for Messenger so people can book rides from Uber without having to download additional apps. It is simple and easy to use. Uber users just needed to download the latest version of Messenger. From the conversation menu, they can tap on more and choose Transportation. They can also search for Uber directly and tap the car icon to book a ride. Through this section, they get notifications on the status of their drivers. Facebook messenger’s transportation bots make it easier for Uber users to request for rides, track drivers and pay for their rides as well.


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Burger King has fully embraced social media and has joined the likes of Taco Bell to make ordering food and making services convenient and accessible to their customers. Through Facebook Messenger, it is now easier for Burger King customers to order their favorite meals.   To order their favorite food, customers can simply send a message to a Burger King bot through their Messenger app. The bot then provides you with a set menu to order from and nearby locations where these can be picked up. Even better, customers can pay directly through the app and provides them with an estimate of how long the food will be ready.


It is easy to see more and more brands joining the bandwagon and coming up with new ways to make use of bots to automate their services. Facebook Messenger Bots is a perfect example of how the advancement of technology has made it easier to speed up business engagements where everyday transactions are made simpler and more personalized. With so many businesses and brands looking for new and innovative ways to closely interact with their customers while saving on costs, Facebook is way ahead of the game in creating a more seamless messaging platform that caters not only to personal but also business needs. Messenger has recently added a variety of new integrations to their bots with different brands and retailers coming in to better cater to their service needs. The future looks bright and full of promise with Facebook spearheading the drive to create an environment of convenience and greater efficiency.

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