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3 Points for B2B Marketing on Social Media Platforms

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There are 3 key B2B marketing points that you need to consider before you move too far ahead with your overall B2B marketing plan. Each one will help you further refine your goals, reach your customers, and build a sustainable campaign.

You can’t get by in a B2B social media marketing context simply by existing and waiting for people to come to you. It hasn’t worked in the real world, you’ve had an advertising budget since you started, and it won’t work on social media. When you’re building your plan to stay on the minds of your consumers, here are 3 points to build your strategy around.

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Facebook for Business: The Most Effective Tools to Use

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Using Facebook for business purposes is, let’s face it, an ever increasingly difficult job. Facebook organic reach is declining, via the Edgerank factor which is minimizing the ability of a business to show up in the Newsfeed of fans. Facebook ad competition is also increasing because of this. With these two factors working against you, the time to do your best facebook marketing is now.

In order to maximize your Facebook marketing you’ll need to plan well, use the best tools, and then plan some more. I can’t personally sit in on your marketing meetings and create your Facebook business plan. I can do the next best thing and give you the tools that will help your Facebook marketing – here are 4 tools that I recommend.

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Cross-Promoting SoundCloud on Other Platforms

One of the best features of SoundCloud is that it blends seamlessly with other popular social media platforms. For someone trying to promote his or her music, this is an important tool. It saves time and spreads your sound to places that it might not have otherwise reached. Let’s have a look at how to get organize with your SoundCloud account so that your music can find a whole new audience outside of the native platform.

To start, go to your connection settings to authorize the apps that you want to connect. (


SoundCloud gives you three different ways to share on Facebook. You have the option of connecting directly to your personal Facebook profile, and SoundCloud will post to your profile page automatically. This is a fine option for most

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Targeting Strategies for Facebook Ads, Part Two

In Part One of this two-part series, we talked about Facebook ads in general and offered two simple tricks for hyper-targeting your audience to maximize your ad’s reach while minimizing the costs.

Today we’ll look at three more techniques to optimizing our ads, starting with the best one, “Lookalike Audiences.”

Strategy THREE: Lookalike Audiences

shutterstock_165342167_FotorDo you ever wonder how Facebook seems to know so much about you? Even things that you’ve never “told” them by liking a page or commenting on a post. Kind of creepy, isn’t it?

Yes, but as a marketer, you can make that voodoo work to your advantage. The fact is, Facebook doesn’t really know everything about

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Targeting Strategies for Facebook Ads, Part One

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Since 2006, Facebook has been a wildly popular social media site for staying connected to friends and family all over the world. We share our photos, join group discussions, and post funny jokes in our status updates.

As an advertising tool, however, Facebook is no joking matter. Facebook provides the best opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience of potential customers on the web. Period.

Targeting is by far the most important step in creating effective ad campaigns. Here are five ways that Facebook can get you more leads and more conversions…TODAY!

But Before You Get Started

Facebook offers two interface options for creating ads; the basic version, and the Power Editor. Obviously you’ll want the Power Editor, but to do so you must be using the Google Chrome browser.

Also, you’ll need to set

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