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How to Instagram like Mike: @Jumpman23’s Exceptional Instagram Marketing

how to instagram like mike

It’s no secret that Nike’s Air Jordan basketball sneakers have been the hottest shoes on the streets for decades. I may even have a dozen or so pairs of my own. While street buzz is good for Jordan Brand, it’s on the @Jumpman23 Instagram account where some really interesting marketing is taking place.

Let’s look at what the @Jumpman23 account does so well so that we can learn how to Instagram like Mike, and apply what we learn to our own Instagram marketing! Plenty of examples will be scattered throughout, so get ready for a breath of fresh Air!

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7 Instagram Tips for Better Photos & Better Marketing

instagram tips

Instagram is the world’s most photo-centric social media marketing platform. Sure, other social platforms use photos, but they have nothing on Instagram. It combines text, hashtags, photos, video, and followers into something truly unique.

Due to how unique it is, you need specialized Instagram tips that will better your marketing, get you more followers, and help your pictures pop. Follow these seven pieces of Instagram marketing advice and watch your account grow!

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Get More Instagram Followers with These 4 Content Ideas

getting instagram followers for your marketing

Getting more Instagram followers on your account comes down to how well you can tell an interesting story. The more interesting your story, and the people you get reading that story, the better off your Instagram marketing will be.

How you’ll accomplish this is by creating the type of content that Instagram users love to not only see, but like, comment on, and share. This article is going to look at four types of content that draws in new Instagram followers through content marketing techniques which work. It will also examine working with social media influencers. We might be looking at tactics outside of your ‘take a picture and post it with a hashtag’ comfort zone, and that will be a good thing!

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Instagram Marketing Tips: Be Seen!

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Instagram is the social media marketing platform making some of the biggest waves in the industry right now. Getting the right Instagram marketing tips may be the difference between your online marketing goals being accomplished, and them not quite reaching their goal.

Instagram shares concepts from a number of other social platforms:

  • It uses hashtags like Twitter
  • It’s image heavy like Facebook
  • Events and real-time marketing thrives like on Twitter
  • Videos are being shared more all the time like Vine and YouTube

With this diverse array of tools at your disposal, it can get confusing as to what to do to move your account forward. Read on for Instagram marketing tips that will have your photos seen!

Instagram marketing tips for your online business

Interesting photos are your first priority


The importance of having great photos can not be

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