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Music Marketing with SoundCloud


You are ready to release a great new track on SoundCloud, but you have a serious problem. You don’t know how to get people to listen to it. While this problem might seem impossible to fix, it isn’t. With some smart marketing strategies, you can get your track in front of a large audience. When it takes off, there is no telling what will happen with your career. You might become the next big thing, thanks to your SoundCloud presence.

Upgrade Your Account

Statistics are an essential aspect of any marketing plan. You need to know who is listening to your music in order to formulate the best strategy. This information will help you target your marketing campaign, which will allow you to reach more people.

If you go with a free SoundCloud

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Get More SoundCloud Plays & Be a Rockstar Already!

get more soundcloud plays feature

Everyone want to get more SoundCloud plays and be a rock star, international DJ, or hip hop mogul NOW. While I can’t personally promise you fortune and fame, I can promise that there are ways to greatly increase your chances of reaching your goals in the music business. The final step, that only you can take, is whether or not your music is good!

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Breaking into the Music Business Using SoundCloud

music business

Soundcloud has been proving itself as an effective way to break into the music business for years now. The power it has to connect bands to fans through direct communication on the platform itself, and promoting social sharing, is unheard of in the music industry.

SoundCloud has been working for bands of all genres of music, it’s not just house music and Skrillex anymore! Your band can build itself up too, but it will take the proper tactics and planning.

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How to Make Vine Videos That Are Looped Repeatedly!

how to make vine

The main goal of Vine is creating six second videos that are looped over and over again. Watching the loop counter shoot up on a Vine of your own is some serious fun. This article is going to teach you how to make Vine videos that people love to loop over and over. I’ll look at content choice techniques, hashtag techniques, and social influencer techniques that will all drive your loops, and Revines, higher and higher!

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5 Easy SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips for ANY Band!

music promotion tips on soundcloud

For bands, DJs, and artists of all genres, SoundCloud has become the top spot for music promotion. This is because not only is it full of musicians, but it is also full of music lovers, producers, agents, and the odd record company representative.

For five music promotion tips that you can use for your band, regardless of your genre, read on!

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