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Get More SoundCloud Plays & Be a Rockstar Already!

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Everyone want to get more SoundCloud plays and be a rock star, international DJ, or hip hop mogul NOW. While I can’t personally promise you fortune and fame, I can promise that there are ways to greatly increase your chances of reaching your goals in the music business. The final step, that only you can take, is whether or not your music is good!

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Breaking into the Music Business Using SoundCloud

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Soundcloud has been proving itself as an effective way to break into the music business for years now. The power it has to connect bands to fans through direct communication on the platform itself, and promoting social sharing, is unheard of in the music industry.

SoundCloud has been working for bands of all genres of music, it’s not just house music and Skrillex anymore! Your band can build itself up too, but it will take the proper tactics and planning.

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5 Easy SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips for ANY Band!

music promotion tips on soundcloud

For bands, DJs, and artists of all genres, SoundCloud has become the top spot for music promotion. This is because not only is it full of musicians, but it is also full of music lovers, producers, agents, and the odd record company representative.

For five music promotion tips that you can use for your band, regardless of your genre, read on!

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How to Promote your Music Online using SoundCloud

how to promote your music

The very moment that someone first figured out how to put a song online the music industry changed forever. Learning how to promote your music online has become almost as important as learning your first three chords, or how to decorate your mic stand with elaborate scarves.

To help save you time, and get you back to practicing those three chords or decorating that mic stand, here are some easy ways to promote your music that even the drummer can understand. You know, as long as someone gives it to him in chunks of 4…

How to promote your music online: Create something every day

I’m not talking about writing a brand new song every day on level with, say, an Arcade Fire song. This lesson in how to promote your music online

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