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What Facebook’s New Reactions Mean for Marketers

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you have likely noticed some new reaction emoticons. Now, instead of just “liking” something on Facebook, users can also click emotions to express love, laughter, sadness, and anger. They can even click a “wow” emoticon if something surprises them.

You need to understand these emoticons so you can enjoy the benefits. At the same time, understanding them will help you avoid some problems that can come with negative reactions.

Reactions Provide Insight

Whenever you put marketing content on social networks like Facebook, you want to know what people think. While “likes” certainly give you an idea of how engaged your users are, these new emoticons provide a much clearer picture of what they think about each piece of content you put out there.

These new emoticons

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Snapchat Marketing: A Definitive Guide for Brands

snapchat marketing feature

When Snapchat changed it’s message sending style from one-to-one to having mass messaging capabilities with it’s My Story feature it completely changed marketer’s ability to speak with audiences. With as many as 200 million people on Snapchat right now, with half of those in the coveted 13 – 24 age group, this is an opportunity that few online marketers should be missing.

The launch of SnapChat Discover, to a limited number of publishers, is a tool that made many brands give Snapchat a second look. Publishers using it are charging big bucks for ads they share, and many are paying these prices for the simple fact that Snapchat is getting them results.

For everyone who didn’t get in on Snapchat Discover, there is the Snapchat Stories feature for your

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