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Music Marketing with SoundCloud


You are ready to release a great new track on SoundCloud, but you have a serious problem. You don’t know how to get people to listen to it. While this problem might seem impossible to fix, it isn’t. With some smart marketing strategies, you can get your track in front of a large audience. When it takes off, there is no telling what will happen with your career. You might become the next big thing, thanks to your SoundCloud presence.

Upgrade Your Account

Statistics are an essential aspect of any marketing plan. You need to know who is listening to your music in order to formulate the best strategy. This information will help you target your marketing campaign, which will allow you to reach more people.

If you go with a free SoundCloud

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Get More SoundCloud Plays & Be a Rockstar Already!

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Everyone want to get more SoundCloud plays and be a rock star, international DJ, or hip hop mogul NOW. While I can’t personally promise you fortune and fame, I can promise that there are ways to greatly increase your chances of reaching your goals in the music business. The final step, that only you can take, is whether or not your music is good!

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Music Marketing Mistakes you Can’t Make on SoundCloud

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Getting your music out there to the people is hard enough with making common online music marketing mistakes. While SoundCloud is a great platform to be found on by fans and labels alike, you will only get so far as your online skills will take you. Sorry, it isn’t all about passing mix tapes in concert lineups anymore.

This article is going to help your music marketing on SoundCloud by showing you six things you can’t do, with some helpful alternatives for what actually works.


music marketing helpSoundCloud music marketing mistakes you don’t want to make

1: Cut and paste replies to fans

Your fans don’t make cut and paste comments of undying love, why would you

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Get More SoundCloud Followers & Blow your Music UP!

Get More SoundCloud Followers feature

Since it began in 2007, SoundCloud has grown from obscurity in Sweden to become one of the most important music promotion venues in the world. With this in mind, the quest to get more Soundcloud followers has been on the mind of many musicians.

Some have been struggling with this and spending more time worrying about their SoundCloud follower numbers than the music. To help you grow your SoundCloud account the easy way, so you can get back to the music, read this article for 5 ways to get more SoundCloud followers.

Cross promotion on other social media platforms using SoundCloud tools

SoundCloud wasn’t designed by fools. They know that in order for the platform to succeed it needs to easily link in with the rest of the web. They’re made it easy

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