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How to Become Famous on YouTube – With Examples!

how to become famous

If there’s one thing that mid-90s alt-rock taught me it’s this: everybody wants to be naked and famous (comment below if you know the band!). In today’s world, many people want to know how to become famous on YouTube because it seems much simpler than the route from your couch to Hollywood – you can get famous right from your couch.

You will have to put a little bit of effort in to be truly famous on YouTube, but this article will give you some waypoints to make your trip from obscurity to fame a bit easier. Read this article on how to become famous on YouTube, and send me an email when you’re a superstar!


Real YouTube stars show you how to become famous!

Build your image

Your channel will need an overall

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How Social Proof Can Increase Your Sales in 20 Minutes

Anyone with an eCommerce site will tell you that it’s all about conversions. It’s nice to have lots of traffic, and a high click-through-rate is better still. But in the end, it’s sales that really matter.

There are a lot of marketing tactics that you can do—and should do—to increase your conversions rates. Tweaking your ad copy, streamlining checkout, and finding upsell opportunities are all part of the game. There’s another much simpler maneuver that you can perform in about 20 minutes that can bump your conversion by up to 40%. This “secret” ingredient is nothing more than social proof.

We all know what social proof is in daily life; the restaurant with the big crowd, the nightclub with the velvet rope, the latest luxury car with a six-month waiting list. These

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How to Write Tweets that Get Results for your Twitter Marketing

how to write tweets

Twitter introduced the concept of brevity being the sole of wit to the modern social media user. You get 140 characters to prove a point and no more. So how are you going to make that point all it can be? This article is going to look at how to write tweets that maximize your 140 characters, and gets you the results you want for your Twitter marketing goals!


How to Write tweets that further your Twitter marketing goals

DO: Think -> Tweet, DON’T: Tweet -> Think

When you’re tweeting on behalf of a brand the time for tweeting random meals and stupid thoughts is over. Think about these points before you hit tweet:

  • Who do I want to read this message? – New followers, current followers?
  • Will this message add value to the lives

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3 Points for B2B Marketing on Social Media Platforms

b2b marketing feature

There are 3 key B2B marketing points that you need to consider before you move too far ahead with your overall B2B marketing plan. Each one will help you further refine your goals, reach your customers, and build a sustainable campaign.

You can’t get by in a B2B social media marketing context simply by existing and waiting for people to come to you. It hasn’t worked in the real world, you’ve had an advertising budget since you started, and it won’t work on social media. When you’re building your plan to stay on the minds of your consumers, here are 3 points to build your strategy around.

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How to Get Retweets the Easy Way: 4 Ideas Anyone Can Follow

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Quickly spreading your brand message via Twitter all comes down to how easily you get retweets. This is a big aspect of Twitter as Twitter is social media. Social media is social, and sharing is a part of human social behavior – if your audience isn’t sharing, retweeting, you’re not being social enough.

How do you get retweets to keep on spreading your brand message further and further? That’s the real question. Something to consider is the 90 – 9 – 1 rule of online media. The numbers are to represent:

  • 90% of users in an online community are lurkers who just look at and read content
  • 9% of users will contribute occasionally
  • 1% of users actively contribute consistently

While the number vary from 90 – 9 – 1 to 70 – 20 –

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