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How Social Proof Can Increase Your Sales in 20 Minutes

Anyone with an eCommerce site will tell you that it’s all about conversions. It’s nice to have lots of traffic, and a high click-through-rate is better still. But in the end, it’s sales that really matter.

There are a lot of marketing tactics that you can do—and should do—to increase your conversions rates. Tweaking your ad copy, streamlining checkout, and finding upsell opportunities are all part of the game. There’s another much simpler maneuver that you can perform in about 20 minutes that can bump your conversion by up to 40%. This “secret” ingredient is nothing more than social proof.

We all know what social proof is in daily life; the restaurant with the big crowd, the nightclub with the velvet rope, the latest luxury car with a six-month waiting list. These

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The 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing

best wordpress plugins social sharing

Integrating your WordPress website with social media may be the most important thing you do – even more than your SEO. The best WordPress Plugins for social sharing all do one thing SEO can’t – allow word of mouth to take off and really show your website to the people. This will be an important aspect of how you get more Twitter followers.

There are, unfortunately for you, hundreds of WordPress Plugins out there for social selling. This makes finding these best one for your needs difficult …unless you read this article from start to finish and find out which is the social sharing WordPress Plugin for your unique website!


The Best WordPress Plugins for being shared on social media

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The Best Twitter Widgets Plug-ins for a WordPress Site

best twitter widgets for wordpress

If you had to pick just one social media platform to integrate with your blog or website, Twitter is arguably the best choice. What’s more, WordPress makes this very easy with dozens of plugins to choose from. With so many options, how do you decide which ones are the best Twitter widgets? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Best Twitter Widgets

The easiest way to add your Twitter feed to your WordPress site is with Twitter’s native widget, which you can create directly from your Twitter account’s “Settings” page. You’re given a few basic options to help customize the appearance including size, color, and “excluding replies.” Once you’ve done that, click the “Create Widget” button and you’ll be provided with a piece of Java script to copy and paste

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