Targeting Strategies for Facebook Ads, Part Two

In Part One of this two-part series, we talked about Facebook ads in general and offered two simple tricks for hyper-targeting your audience to maximize your ad’s reach while minimizing the costs.

Today we’ll look at three more techniques to optimizing our ads, starting with the best one, “Lookalike Audiences.”

Strategy THREE: Lookalike Audiences

shutterstock_165342167_FotorDo you ever wonder how Facebook seems to know so much about you? Even things that you’ve never “told” them by liking a page or commenting on a post. Kind of creepy, isn’t it?

Yes, but as a marketer, you can make that voodoo work to your advantage. The fact is, Facebook doesn’t really know everything about you—but they can make some very educated assumptions based on all the other data that you have given them. (Not to mention data that they’ve purchased from third parties.)

Now we’re going to manipulate that über-intelligent algorithm to get you TONS of highly targeted leads. Using one of the Custom Audiences that you created with Strategy Two, Facebook will search its massive database for accounts that have demographics, likes, interests, and behaviors similar to your selected Custom Audience. Voila! Now you have a much bigger potential market that demographically looks just like the followers that you already have.

Even if your Custom Audience is small, this “Lookalike” group will likely be over a million, so you might want to filter the search a bit more.

Strategy FOUR: Targeting Video Watchers

If you use video ads, Facebook can track the people who have watched your video, or else it can target just those who watched it all the way to the end. Obviously this second group is very interested in your content.

Don’t forget, in order to use video ads on Facebook you must upload the video directly instead of using a YouTube link. In any case, studies have proven that a video uploaded to Facebook gets preferential treatment in organic (non-paid) views over videos embedded via a YouTube link. Facebook likes to keep things “in house” as much as possible.

To enable this tool, simply check the box labeled, “Create audience from people who viewed this video,” at the bottom of Video Views ad creation tab. This audience might take a while to populate, so check back a few hours later. Now you have an additional type of targeted audience that you can either market to directly, or use to create another Lookalike audience.

Strategy FIVE: Schedule Ads to time-target your customers

The demographics of your customer base will determine which days and at what time of the day your target audience will be on Facebook. For example, moms are probably on Facebook when the kids are at school from 9:00 – 3:00. So if you’re selling family-shutterstock_136452215_Fotorfriendly recipes, then that might be the best time to target that particular group.

The Power Editor lets you choose when your ads run so you won’t waste money if most of your customers are offline. When creating your ad, you’ll have the option of setting a daily or lifetime budget. Choose “lifetime.” Now simply click the “Run ads on a schedule” button, and pick the days and times that you want your ad to run. It’s a quick and easy thing to do, which will accomplish two goals: focus your ad campaign, and save you money.

The Wrap Up

These techniques that we have discussed in this two-part series will really help you target your ads to the ideal audiences that are most likely to respond. Not only will this increase conversion rates, but also will save you money. Of course, good Facebook ads begin with quality images, and compelling ad copy. Without these, your target audience will see your ads in their feeds, but might not be compelled to act.

First, build your Facebook Likes to establish some authority and define your target audience. Next, experiment with the photos and run A/B tests to see which images convert the best. Once you’ve figured that out, tweak the copy so that you’re getting the click through rates and conversions that you’ve always dreamed of. Now you can scale it to drive sales through the roof. At this moment in time, Facebook provides the best method for paid targeted traffic to your website. Don’t miss out.

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