The 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing

best wordpress plugins social sharing

Integrating your WordPress website with social media may be the most important thing you do – even more than your SEO. The best WordPress Plugins for social sharing all do one thing SEO can’t – allow word of mouth to take off and really show your website to the people. This will be an important aspect of how you get more Twitter followers.

There are, unfortunately for you, hundreds of WordPress Plugins out there for social selling. This makes finding these best one for your needs difficult …unless you read this article from start to finish and find out which is the social sharing WordPress Plugin for your unique website!


The Best WordPress Plugins for being shared on social media

best wordpress plugins floating social shareFloating Social Share Plugin


This is a well regarded social sharing plugin, with a great ‘floating’ feature and an accurate counter to show off your share numbers. Floating Social Share Plugin will work on both desktop and mobile device screens, offering you the flexibility you need in today’s digital landscape.

To make the plugin truly yours, you can edit the social media buttons by enabling, disabling, or changing the button placement. If you’re stronger on Twitter, place it towards the top. If you never use LinkedIn, or don’t even have an account, why have it in the way? Being able to play to your strengths allows you to focus on the social platforms you really use, can promote and will respond to when you see people sharing your content.

best wordpress plugins monarchMonarch by Elegant Themes

When you have some money to spend on one of the best WordPress plugins for social sharing, spend it on Monarch. This plugin will let you:

  • add social media sharing buttons in a variety of locations on your blog
  • use ‘Fly in’ style social sharing buttons
  • create buttons which actively encourage social sharing

You need to buy a license from Elegant Themes to get Monarch, but it comes with access to all of their other WordPress Plugins too. The strength of this is how well it displays on mobile phones, this is an essential with more and more traffic being mobile. Would you like to see an example of how Monarch works? Don’t look to far, that’s what we use on this blog!

best social sharing plugins ultimate social deluxeUltimate Social Deux WordPress Plugin

This plugin, available at Codecanyon, has a very modern and sleek look. It is a smaller plugin that uses a small amount of javascript and css to display your buttons – making for faster page loading times. The fact it doesn’t use iFrames also increases its page loading efficiency.

Other important features include:

  • Responsive design
  • Allows you to add widgets which display social profiles
  • Has five placement options
  • Alignment choices
  • Buttons can be excluded as you require

At $14, you can’t get a much better price on a plugin that can do all this.

best wordpress plugins jetpackJetpack sharing

Jetpack has established itself as one of the most popular WordPress plugins thanks to its ease of use, and the wide variety of platforms it works with. Use Jetpack to encourage shares in:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon
  • Pocket
  • LinkedIn
  • Press This (for multisite networks)
  • Print
  • Email

You have the ability to change the buttons around, create new buttons, add your @username to Twitter shares, and add a Captcha to email shares. And this is all still just one small aspect of everything on offer from Jetpacks’ wide range of online services.

Completely beside the point, but Jetpack has the coolest website out of all these. The flying jetpack guy is wicked cool.

best wordpress plugins digg diggDigg Digg’s The Floating Share Bar

Digg Digg’s Floating Share Bar comes to you from the sharing experts at Buffer App. This is a plugin you’ve likely seen before as many WordPress websites turn to them for their social sharing buttons. For those who value having their share numbers displayed prominently, there’s no better option. Here’s a typical social sharing button using Digg Digg:

digg digg sample screenshot

The numbers are displayed large to show people your great share numbers and encourage them to share it too.

The ‘lazy loading’ feature that comes with Digg Digg helps speed up page loading speed. Page speed is a growing factor in SEO as a page which loads fast is a page which users respond to better. You won’t hurt your SEO if you choose Digg Digg!

The Best WordPress Plugins

There are literally hundreds of others, and I could cover more that are great, but these 5 represent the best available. Each one has a slightly different feature, like Digg Digg’s emphasis of numbers, or Monarch’s ‘fly in’ feature, that truly set them apart. If you’re aware of any better WordPress plugins, which you feel MUST be mentioned, feel free to comment below.

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