Twitter Follower Tips Part 1: Monthly Tactics to Grow your Following

twitter follower tips

The Twitter followers tips I will look at can be divided up into short term and long term strategies. The short term activities will be those you carry out every day, and every week. These are the Twitter follower tips that you’ll grind on consistently. Your long term goals will be accomplished on a monthly basis, I’ll look at those today.

Having your tasks divided up this way will make sure that you don’t pend too much time on one tactic while neglecting one which deserves more attention. Read on to discover what they are, and get your Twitter follower numbers growing!


Twitter follower tips: Long term Part 1 of 2

You are going to carry all of these tasks out once a month. Be sure to schedule it in advance so it doesn’t become a ‘whenever I have time’ tactic. I would recommend getting it done on the first Monday of every month – just dive in and get it done. If that doesn’t work, find a date that will for you every month and stick to it.

Look for Twitter influencers with lots of followers

Twitter influencers are those important people who have a large audience that actually listens to them. Getting on their good side makes it possible for them to spread your message to their followers. You then get to share in their audience, and you gain new followers that way.

You don’t have to go through Twitter one user at a time to find these influencers. Two tools will make your life MUCH easier:

  1. BuzzSumo: This will analyse the most popular content online and then connect it with those who are sharing it on Twitter. Any content which gains traction has a few key viral influencers pushing it out. Buzzsumo is designed to make it easier to find these people.
  2. Followerwonk: The people over at Moz built this tool to help you find Twitter influencers. It can also track data associated with those Twitter influencers, offering you even greater insight into who to speak with.

Once you have these tools in place it all comes down to your individual judgement of who is going to be best to work with. Look at how active they actually are. A number of important people on Twitter don’t actually use it. They schedule a bunch of posts, walk away, and never check in. Don’t waste your time on these Twitter users.

Don’t forget to take a look at the “Who to Follow” column on the right side of Twitter’s desktop version. Click on ‘View All’ to open it up. You will then see dozens of relevant people in your industry. If you don’t have time for the tools above, the “Who to Follow” feature can help you out in a pinch.

twitter follower tips - who to follow

No matter which way you do this, your first step is to simply give these accounts a follow. The research varies, but about 20 – 50% of Twitter users will follow you back without doing anything. This will be higher if your description makes it obvious you’re in a related industry. If that doesn’t get them, just be friendly by sharing their content, interacting with them, and sending a direct message. Last, don’t be afraid to ask for a follow back while you’re at it!

Create a list of Twitter influencers

Twitter is always working to make sorting through the endless conversations taking place there easier. One such way is with Twitter lists. You can group any number of people under one list and only see a Timeline of what they’re up to.

From the tab along the top, the one which pops down when you click on your profile photo along the top bar, click on ‘Lists.’

You will now see three options:

  • Subscribed to – Twitter lists you have already created
  • Member of – Twitter lists that you’re a part of
  • Create list – Your chance to create a new list

Clicking on Create list will take you to another pop-up screen where you name and describe the list. You can now add members to it by going through your current follower list and clicking on the gear icon in their profile. A pop-down will appear, select ‘Add or remove from lists.’ A pop-up window will appear, select the list you want them to appear on.

Yes, it’s a tedious process. I’m sure Twitter could make it a bit more ‘one click and it’s done,’ but this is what we’re stuck with.

The reason why you’re taking this time once a month is to show Twitter influencers that you’re interested in them closely. Who wouldn’t like to be part of a ‘Smartest SMM Experts’ list? It can be that last tactic used to get them to follow you when they haven’t. Here’s a sample list of social media influencers:

twitter follower tips - sample list

Assess your follow growth

About once a month is all you need to assess whether your follower growth is meeting your goals. Once a day is too obsessive, once a week won’t show you true growth as it can fluctuate too greatly.

If your follower growth is not growing at the rate you like, it may be time to look at reading about a follower service. This can help kick your follower growth into gear, and bring in real Twitter followers as they see your numbers grow.

This forms the basis for social proof. Social proof is a concept which looks at simple success indicators, such as follower numbers, and assigns desirability to it. To put it simply; if you’re seen as successful, you’re more likely to succeed. This is one of those hidden Twitter follower tips that not many people know about.

These are the Long Term Twitter follower tips – Stay tuned for part 2!

In this post I looked at the long term tactics you’ll do once a month to grow your followers steadily. You may see a monthly spike in follower growth as you do these tasks. The growth may also integrate with a more steady rise in follower numbers as well. Either way, you will see your follower numbers rising as you do these tasks every month.

Come back in one week for part 2 of this Twitter follower tactics guide where I look at the Twitter follower tactics that work on a daily and weekly schedule.

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