4 Great Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a special holiday for couples. It’s also a marketing event. When companies do this correctly, they engage their customer base and make sales. Simply look at some of the successful campaigns from recent years and you will see why Valentine’s marketing campaigns are powerful, even if you aren’t in the jewelry or flower industries. No matter what you promote, you can tie it into Valentine’s Day and make a huge splash during the romantic holiday.

Bed Bath & Beyond Gets Creative

Bed Bath & Beyond isn’t normally known for bringing the romance. While it has an assortment of housewares, it isn’t full of candies and flowers. That doesn’t mean the retailer can’t cash in on the Valentine’s Day boom, though.

The company created a “Make Dinner, Not Reservations” campaign that got people in the marketing world talking. It also generated a lot of buzz with the retailer’s customers.

bed-bath-and-beyond-valentines-dayBed Bath & Beyond found a way to make their products fit in with the holiday. Are a cutting board and a set of knives traditional Valentine’s Day items? Of course not, but by thinking outside of the box, Bed Bath & Beyond made them the perfect items for happy couples everywhere.

This is an important lesson for marketers. It doesn’t matter what you sell. It matters how you promote it. Think of a way to tie your products into various holidays and then push that message out to the public. If you do this correctly, you will enjoy positive results.

Uber Expands Its Service

Uber also came up with a way to cater to the Valentine’s Day market, even though their services aren’t typical Valentine’s Day offerings. The car company created a Romance on Demand campaign. People selected the “rose” in the app and chose a delivery location. Then Uber sent a black car out to the desired address and delivered a bouquet of roses.

Uber announced the campaign with an eye-catching YouTube video that included a hashtag to get people talking.

This campaign illustrates an important point. With a little creativity, you can turn your brand into something people crave on Valentine’s Day. You might have to move away from your traditional offerings, but it is possible to reach a niche market during a special holiday. Find a way for your brand to enhance the Valentine’s Day experience and then create a campaign around it.

eBags Gets Mysterious

Valentine’s Day is a day full of surprises. eBags decided to play on that by creating a mysterious ad campaign, inviting people to activate a mystery coupon.

eBags-valentines-marketingBy calling it a Valentine’s Day Coupon and using the color red, eBags created an association between the offer and the holiday.

This is something that anyone can do, but you do need to use caution with this type of promotion. You want to over deliver, because disappointing your customers will cause you to lose trust. If they feel deflated after opening their special prize, they will be less likely to engage with your next promotion. On the other hand, if they get more than they expected, they will pass the promotion along to their friends, allowing you to generate some exciting Valentine’s Day buzz. You can expand your reach a great deal with a promotion like this.

Ford Pulls a Prank

Ford found a unique way to promote its Mustang for Valentine’s Day. The automaker took speed dating to new level by setting a beautiful stunt driver up for blind dates with some unsuspecting guys. The stunt driver took them for a ride to remember.

The end result is a hilarious video that has millions of views.

This is a great example of how to use Valentine’s Day as a backdrop to promote something else. Ford didn’t really care that it was Valentine’s Day, but it did care about selling its Mustang. Realizing that people were excited about the romantic holiday, it found common ground in a funny way. It got people talking, and not just about Valentine’s Day. It got them talking about the Mustang. Anyone in marketing knows the power of word-of-mouth advertising. If you can get people talking about your product, you will get more customers. That is how the business world works, so you should follow suit with your own products and services.

As these companies prove, you shouldn’t let any marketing opportunities pass you by. Holidays like Valentine’s Day cause a lot of buzz and if you learn how to ride that buzz (pun intended), you can get results. Come up with creative campaigns for all the holidays and special events in order to maximize your results. If you are able to strike gold, you will become as buzzworthy as the holiday itself. Then, boost your sales and your brand recognition. 

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