Vine Marketing: 5 Tips to get you Started

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Vine marketing is for those moments when you know your audience has a short attention span. One so short that…hey, have you watched Daredevil on Netflix? It’s, like, SO good…what was I talking about? Right! Vine videos are limited to being six seconds long – perfect for when your audience has a short attention span!

Not only does it help you get your message across quickly, but the entire Vine marketing industry is really doing a lot to push the creative envelope. When you have 6 seconds to get a message across, you have to be creative!

Here are five Vine marketing tips to help you grasp what the platform is capable of.


Vine Marketing examples to kickstart your account


You’re not limited to 6 second, you get 6 seconds

Beautiful, impactful, and interesting art can be painted on a canvas and last generations. It is a one frame piece of content – surely you can get something across in 6 seconds with several hundred frames…right? Your first Vine marketing tip is stop thinking of those 6 seconds as a limit, and start thinking of them as your opportunity. You adapted from writing long blog posts to writing tweets, and you can do this too.

The other aspect of these six seconds is that they loop for as long as they’re on the screen. This can lead to those six seconds stretching into, well, eternity. Kind of like fine art, but without the launch party with cheese and wine. Here’s a Vine user who’s famous for getting this concept:

Five million loops can’t be wrong! Come up with ideas that loop around well again and again to really take advantage of your full six seconds.

Vine marketing doesn’t exist in a bubble

Taking your Vine content and cross-promoting it is a no-brainer. Putting it in blog posts, on your website, on Facebook, and over Twitter are all easy things to do. The hard thing to do is to start treating Vine like it’s part of your entire online marketing campaign.

For example, have you ever thought about using Vine marketing videos as the ‘teaser trailer’ for your next big viral YouTube video? How about using it to sum up a blog post you’re promoting? Better yet, why not tie it into a national marketing campaign to increase cohesion amongst all marketing channels.

Ford do this all the time by taking the funniest bits of their commercials and sharing them on Vine:

Get your timing right

As with all things in social media marketing, and life, the right timing can make all the difference. I’m not talking about stuff like do you post at 4pm or 5 pm, I’m talking about the BIG picture timing. Your Vine videos are limited to six seconds, you’ll need to get the maximum impact for each one and borrowing off the momentum of another event is an easy way to do this.

Try planning a Vine for the next big sporting event. When you’re in the soccer world, nothing is bigger than the World Cup. adidas planned well for the 2014 World Cup with this Vine featuring all the balls used from 1970 – 2014:

Pretty fun, right? It gained more exposure because they tied it in with their entire World Cup campaign – perfect timing for their soccer division. Or football, if you’re from that side of the Atlantic.

Use a hashtag to start a series

So you’re limited to six seconds, but you have more than six seconds worth of ideas for your Vine marketing project. What do you do? This is where hashtag marketing comes into play as you can link a series with a unique hashtag. And you thought it was all about making sarcastic jokes. #NuhUh

One of the most successful examples of this is the hashtag #OreoMagic. With this hashtag the delicious Oreo cookie has become a prop in the world of magic. Their team worked up some sleight of hand tricks where Oreos are used in the trick itself. They put a few up and saw that others soon started joining in as well. This helps both accounts gain Vine followers, especially after using a Vine follower service, as it creates deeper connections than just sending out your own content over and over.

Oh yeah? I can make Oreos disappear too. A whole box in one afternoon. Beat that, magic hands!

Video is a powerful communication tool

You don’t have to do straight up marketing all the time. Taking a moment to show how something works, or a new feature on a product, can help customers make buying decision just as easily as some magic man making cookies disappear.

Here’s a post put up by Chrysler Auto yesterday where they’re showing a new parking feature for their cars:

It’s passing 340,000 loops as I type this, and it has only been up for 24 hours! This is an important piece of information to convey to your potential customers that’s best done in a video – and quickly.

You all know how the attention span of…you know what my favorite part of Daredevil’s show is? How Kingpin just chews up scenery. He fills up the screen like he fills up comic book panels…wait, short attention spans online can be overcome by great Vine marketing. Read over the tips above, and plan to make the most of the six seconds you get with your audience!

Feature image by Yeamake / Shutterstock

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