Ways to Promote Music Online

promote music online

Do you want the world to hear about your music?


Even though the world is partly governed by social media, just setting up an account on a website and uploading your music there will not help you gain a huge following to listen to your music overnight. You have to be proactive and engage with those who follow you.


There are quite a few famous musicians who gained their popularity thanks to social media. You might want to invest on that, too. Promoting your music is essential to get your name out there and eventually reaping money off from it (if that is the goal), so if you want to be successful on the inter-web, you might want to follow some the tips below:


Post regularly on your social media accounts


By the time you are reading this, several new acts have come out on their social media platforms. Given those figures, it can be hard to stay in people’s minds. Remember, people’s attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter, it will be hard to compete with the others but you have to try.


What kind of posts should you update your followers?


You can start with, well, snippets of your songs to get them teased. But of course, do not forget to post about the full song! Posting videos will also add dimension to the songs, so followers can easily identify who’s who.


You may also share links on your profile about artists in the similar genre. This helps your followers to identify the type of music you produce. Alternatively, you may also share the links to your website to increase your visits and for them to learn more about your professional site and how they can reach you for gigs.


Since this is social media, there is no limit to what you can post. Followers find it cute if the posts are funky or trivial. It gives character to who you are beyond the songs you produce. They get to know your likes, your day-to-day adventures, and what you do as a normal human being. Your followers see that you are there other than selling music to them.

promote music online

Focus a part of your time in gigs


As an artist, what should you be doing?


Gigging is one of those activities you should be doing regularly. This gives you exposure apart from promoting your music online. Apart from promoting your brand of music, it also helps your social and financial capital.


Gigs aren’t new. It has been tried and tested by a lot of musicians alike.


Now, the best gigs you can participate in are those who have other acts in the same genre. As mentioned earlier, apart from identifying the type of genre, this helps as well in name recall and new gaining new fans. As it works in Spotify, a music streaming platform, if you are identified with a niche, you sure will be part of the suggested artists of a musician if a person follows that certain musician. This works in real life.


Apart from solo acts which will attract your fans, participating in those with other acts is a good way of gaining new fans.


Market Yourself


Instead of focusing yourself to individual fans, focus a good part of your efforts on building good relationships with other big brands.


Why focus on other brands and not on your own? Well, not entirely, but knowing these big brands have a good reach and bigger audience base, then you should really spend time having good relationships with them.


If you are able to connect with bigger brands with a good deal of following, they can recommend you to their audiences and get exposure may it be an article they write about you, share your music on their sites or social media profiles, or just a simple shout out. You have to maximize what is out there.


Apart from building your brand, getting other established and bigger brands is a good way to amplify your exposure.

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Host your music online


Aside from uploading your music on your website, as mentioned earlier, marketing yourself with established brands will also amplify your reach. One example is hosting your music on a brand’s platform.


There are several spaces you can host your music. One of the more popular ones include Apple Music, Spotify, and Wix. These offer music-streaming services where users can select music to stream on their devices, may it be on desktop or mobile. These are good avenues to host music because aside from being popular and spreading the reach of your music, you can earn money from this.


Remember that these are just a few of the biggest mobile and desktop apps in the world so you better give it a try.

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Promote music online via content marketing


For sure, you make good content (case in point, your song releases). What you can do to spread your reach and to get in new fans on board is to engage in content marketing.


Content marketing has long been around to promote good content and reach wider audiences. Some say that ‘content is king’ and it proves to be true as more people subscribe to good content made. May it be in storytelling, producing records, or films. You can also start experimenting with sponsored ads linking to your website or profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


One good way is posting blogs or stories about your new releases. Let your fans and readers know the story behind your new song and how you got to assemble it. You can also host a sort of a live jam which may social media sites allow now. In this way, you can reach out to your fans better.


Another way of engaging with your fans is to send out newsletters. This gives them a good reminder to check out what you have in store for them or if you have an upcoming gig near their place. It is a good tool to keep them on the loop.


So what are you waiting for? Good luck!

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